Top 20: Best, Hottest Blonde Pornstars (2019)

Blonde hair color - the best hair color and pornstar actresses from heaven.

Top 20: Best, Hottest Blonde Pornstars (2019)

#1. Brazzers
#2. RealityKings
#3. True Amateurs

The “blonde hair color” and “slut” are two words that always go together. Just like bread and butter and there is a scientific reason for that, seriously. Men look at the blondes as a symbol of sex while brunettes are more suitable for the family life, so it seems. Of course, that does not make brunettes or redheads less slutty as there are plenty of whores that can match any criteria, but what I am trying to say is that blondes are hot and sexy as fuck and for me, it is the hottest hair color that you can get, with the exception of platinum blonde (white), but then again, it is also a shade blond.

Anyway, let’s begin. This is the top 10 hottest and sexiest dyed and natural blonde pornstars as of today, mostly focusing on active performers or at least those that have Full HD scenes.

21Sandy Fantasy

A much more desired fantasy for me at this point. Which is letting someone throw cash on my dick than watching porn, but no complains here. Two pornstars with one being blonde and another gold digger. Imagine the nasty bacteria and shit that was on those banknotes. You can probably get AIDS from the intro alone.

The focus of course here is on Sandy Fantasy. A dyed blond hair pornstar with trimmed pussy lips, slightly hairy bush and slim body.

20Lexi Belle

Oh Lexi, you fit our best and hottest list so perfectly. It’s like you have been designed for this industry. Smoking hot body, nice legs and the makeup applied so perfectly that you can barely notice it.

Sure, she might not have the greatest tits or the roundest ass of them all, but just appreciate her! This is the girlfriend material. Cute, sexy and willing to fuck in front of a camera. A dream girl come true.

19Natalia Starr

Here comes your typical blonde slut that will end up cheating and divorcing you few weeks after the wedding. This is exactly why you want to fuck her, right? More preferably, fucking savage her asshole and cum inside.

Natalia is your average blond porn actress that rocks long eyelashes, bright clothes and earrings larger than the wheels of a sixteen-year-old boy car. Anyway, a solid whore that you should check out.


18Astrid Star

A typical day at work, you go to a dinner with your co-workers and your secretary just wants that wage raise bit too much. What I am trying to do with the hottest blond pornstars post is to make you, the reader, happy. Listing just 19 to 20-year old pornstars that are natural blondes could work for some of you, but variety has never hurt nobody.

Also, listing twenty girls that look identical would be pointless too. Astrid Star is a brunette that have died hair with the color that some people in beauty industry call “honey”. She should appeal to our audience that just loves short-haired adult movie performers. Not too much where it makes her look like a boy, but enough to get rid of the cravings.

17Kenzie Taylor

The light ash blonde pornstar from San Diego, Kenzie Taylor, with beautiful wavy hair that almost reaches her ass. There are three girls in the scene and our top choice does not have any visible tattoos with the clothes still on (only on the back). If you still have trouble finding her among divas, Kenzie is with pink lingerie and white top.

Girls often fuck up their hair with dyes, toning and curling, but Taylor (despite not being born with light hair) has thousands of healthy, luscious hair strands. These could be extensions, although I am not seeing any fusion pieces.

16Cameron Dee

Kicking things further with Cameron and what better way to do that than with oil and tits? Parts that are as shiny as the teenager’s sock full of cum on a sunny day. If you are into BDSM and blondes, then Cameron is a pornstar you need see.

As far as the rest of Dee features go, she does have long beautiful hair, rounds tits and a body that does not show any signs of wear and tear yet. Maybe things will change after I get to fuck her ass, but as of now, she is hot.

15Isabelle Deltore

A fresh blonde pornstar that is still entering porn business. Has done one scene with Brazzers and few other key networks, but nothing major yet. Maybe in 2020 we will have enough videos to justify her moving to the higher place on our list.

Probably one of the more interesting actresses as of 2019 with visible potential. Now it’s all a matter of arranging career in a way where people don’t get bored of Isabelle quickly. Like not doing anal or interracial immediately or signing up for crazier shit. At least she has moved past the cam whoring stage.

14Andi Anderson

Ah, the amazing memories of me jerking off to sexy as fuck blonde pornstars. The VR will hopefully evolve to the point where you start confusing such videos with your own memories. No more performance anxiety, dinner buying or rejections. As seen in this scene, Andi Anderson can never refuse good session of ass fucking, it’s like Mars bar to a fat chick. Must be always taken, without thinking about future consequences.

No major faults with her body, always a solid performer and her face is way better than day-to-day seen sluts. That fake pain expression is also a nice touch.


13Donna Bell

An older looking milf blond performer with tiny fat rolls and saggy tits. Hey, we do know that some of our readers love pornstars with saggy tits! Notice how whoever is fucking her squeezes breasts just prior cumming, it’s one of those porn filming “secrets” that you get to notice after working in the industry for years.

Donna Bell is in the 30s, but the flexibility is still here, see how widely open the thighs are. This is one of the better scenes of her and you truly can’t dislike performers (or amateurs) that get turned on by you cumming. They get validation and you get pleasure; everyone is happy in the end.


12Jeni Juice

Two blond pornstars are always better than one, right? For another pick we have Jeni Juice, a truly spectacular female porn performer that has been involved into all kinds of scenes. She is not a natural blonde it seems or at least does not stick to this look for the eternity. We have seen Jeni rock brunette and even red wine color hair throughout the last 24 months, but the yellow locks look is what her fans prefer. A truly sex chick with nicely maintained figure and proportional tits.

What I did not like about this video was the fake dick, it looks too much like a real deal. At this point it’s like watching trannies fuck one another. That’s not my fetish. Other than that, she is worth of a guilty pleasure.


11Jessa Rhodes

Things are getting hot and heavy with Jessa. Big tits, tanned and slim body, nice triceps (just look at it) and a tongue longer than my dick. Also, take a look at her pussy, she definitely did some trimming as it looks like that of a 18 year old teen. Juicy, wet and ready for your cock. Jessa and her friend are two nice whores that I would pay nice bucks to fuck or at least see them getting fucked by a dude that hopefully has a smaller cock than me.


10Samantha Saint

Well, here goes one of the best porn videos of all time and Samantha is the shining star. It’s just cocks, cocks and more cocks. We have never seen so many cocks in a gloryhole yet and that’s a shame.

I mean, the porn industry as one of the oldest ones out there and you are telling me that only now do we get to see blonde suck dozens of dicks at once? Anyway, back to Samanta, nice, semi shaved pussy with hair strip, perky tits and your average slut face. Five stars.


9Kayden Kayla

Nice fake tits as the first thing that I notice about Kayden, followed by the ombre blond hair color. The pussy is bit on a higher mileage range but still fuckable. She does seem to be enjoying getting fucked and enthusiasm is something that is always hot when shooting porn.

Kayla did bring some friends too but does seem to be the star of the show. Also, nice lipstick color and cum catching mouth.


8Athena Palomino

It’s bit tricky for us to include Athena, because not everyone considers her hot, but we do. This particular hairstyle is not working for her, so just ignore that for a second and stare at that goddess body of hers. I did not believe myself that she is true American, expected to find Swedish or Estonian genes. Despite that she has so many incredible angles, curves and boner inducing things to look at.

Natural 34D-28-34 titties, a truly gorgeous butt and that moist pussy. Tits fuck her, push that dick down her throat and let her practice, which appears to be her only weakness: bad blowjobs. Looking from the back, it’s hard for us to find a better booty than Anthena’s, a perfect combination of muscle tissue and skin.


7Kristina Shannon

Do good things come in pairs? Kristina Shannon and her hot blonde friend wants you to believe so. Tiny butts, small breasts and your typical doll look that every guy dream about. Unlike models on sites like Chaturbate, this pornstar is down to fuck pretty much anyone!

All you have to do is convince her that it’s a porn video, because taking money for sex otherwise is not so legal. Kristina does have some downsides too, mostly her less than active recent years. Also, her latest scenes are not as good.

6Summer Brielle

Now Summer is one of the blond pornstars that does look like a true slut and what we mean by that is a complete package. Succulent lips, nice tanned body, bleached blond hair and the ass that has landed from heaven itself. Seriously, her rear-end takes more camera space than the rest of her body. Now that’s a hot pornstar!

Oh, and don’t forget a tramp stamp tattoo so you know you are fucking a true whore, doggy style.


5Alex Grey

The most important things first: how can her asshole fit the cock so big? This is why God has created blond hair color. They can be ass fucked and abused like the little whores they all are, and I mean that in a nice way. It is a compliment of the highest level.

Anyway, you pull her hair, you fuck her anally and hopefully never see her again, Alex Grey is hot.

4Staci Carr

There is no denying in that Staci is one of the hottest and sexiest blondes in our list. The way she does her eyelashes aka big wide eyes… Damn. Her full lips designed for dick sucking only, red high heels, and a pussy that is as red and throbbing as my cock right now.

I mean, just look at her! Obviously, there might be some extra fat that should be shaved but everything else is pretty much ten stars. Therefore, she is at the better range of our list.


3Mia Malkova

One of the more natural looking blond porn stars in our list, miss Mia. She is sort of a girl next girl type and for some it is a big turn on, not to mention her nice and round ass and perky pointy tits.

By the time we are compiling the best blondes list, Mia has already been included into multiple complications. Oh, and that speaks volumes about her and the way she fucks, looks and acts.


2Rikki Six

Oh boy, oh god, oh mom; help me. One of the longest blond braids we have ever seen, platinum blond hair color (yes, please), small yet proportional tits and most importantly, just look at her face, it is a baby doll fuck face designed for one thing only: porn.

Okay, maybe facials too but I personally would want her to swallow every single drop of my cum. She does look like your perfect dream girl. Don’t you think so?


1Nicole Aniston

There is a reason why she is shooting a scene on Tonight’s Girlfriend, because she does look like a girlfriend material. Imagine bringing Nicole to your family dinner. The dad would probably end up crying with the tears of joy, patting you on the back.

Her pussy has lips that grip, the body that was created to strip, and hopefully, someone can see her in real life and get that nip slip. Here, a complete 4 liner that rhymes, written specifically for one of the best blondes out there.




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