Top 15: Best & Richest Male Pornstars (2020)

Smart porn actors that are men, and with penises.

Top 15: Best & Richest Male Pornstars (2020)

#1. Brazzers
#2. RealityKings
#3. TrueAmateurs

Being a whore is easy, you just spread your legs and get paid. However, earning a decent sum as a man and in especially in the porn industry requires not only talent but also brains, two things that all women are lacking, sorry mom. All of them are millionaires and could probably bang your whole family if they wanted to. There is a lot of misinformation regarding the current net worth of many of these actors. If our numbers don’t match other people’s lists, they are outdated. We went ahead and checked their real net worth, instead of copying someone’s else job.

Below, you will find a safe for worklist of some of the best and smartest male pornstars of all time.

15Tom Byron (Thomas Bryan Taliaferro)

Welp, there goes his fortune and all the predictions! The Italian who has been working in the porn industry since he was 18 and now, he is close to 60. He is the only one in our list who was hard to research, and we have failed at obtaining a number that we were comfortable with.

However, having shot close to 3k scenes, and not falling into any drug dramas or so, we would say he is certainly a worthy contender. There is one estimate of $400,000 net worth but it’s false.

Update: we got to learn about his real fortune and it’s not impressive.

Age: 58
Movies: 2,900+
2017 net worth: Unknown
2018 net worth: $350k

2019 net worth: $50k

14Danny Mountain (Daniel Reginald Mountain)

This young lad from United Kingdom has racked up an impressive amount and was married to Mia Malkova (2014-2018). He gets to screw hottest pornstars while showering in golden coins. Now that’s a lifestyle of a true porn star.

His dream was to become a professional football player, and this is not far from reality. I mean this dude still scores.

Age: 35
Movies: 609
2017 net worth: $1.1 million
2018 net worth: $1.4 million

2019 net worth: $1.5 million

13Tommy Gunn (Thomas Joseph Strada)

Another Brazzers pornstar who worked as a male stripper for over 10 years before was noticed by Brad Alexander. What was he doing in such place? I have no clue. I wonder if there are any sour grapes since Brad is the one who pushed Tommy to the top. Spoiler alert: he is not one of the richest male pornstars.

Anyhow, I truly enjoy Tommy’s looks, has a perfect balance of alpha and beta.

Age: 52
Movies: 1,204
2017 net worth: $1.9 million
2018 net worth: $2.0 million

2019 net worth: $2 million

12James Deen (Bryan Matthew Sevilla)

Everybody knows James Deen and while he might not be the richest guy in town, he is more famous than a video of a guy and a jar. He is only over thirty years old and has been fucking women in front of a camera since he was 18. One of the youngest guys to be featured here. There are songs about him, movies and not just porn ones.

Age: 33
Movies: 1,512
2017 net worth: $1.7 million
2018 net worth: $2.5 million

2019 net worth: $3 million

11Johnny Sins (Steven Wolf)

One of the best-known porn actors out there who not only looks like a better version of Diesel and knows how to fuck but also managed to get Brazzers unbanned in Russia earlier this year. This is like the only achievement in life that is worth something. He would get paid up to $5,000 per scene, which is nice.

Age: 40
Movies: 440
2017 net worth: $2.9 million
2018 net worth: $3.0 million

2019 net worth: $3 million

10Spyder Jonez (Evan Seinfeld)

Does his face look familiar to you? Well, you might remember him from the HBO TV show called “Oz”, or just XVideos, who knows. Anyway, most of his net worth likely came from other places than porn but hey… He is the actor and he does have millions. Also, was the only male who broke the orgy record while fucking close to a dozen Asian porn stars.

Age: 51
Movies: 47
2017 net worth: $3.1 million
2018 net worth: $3.4 million

2019 net worth: $3.4 million

9Manuel Ferrara (Manuel Jeannin)

Now, this is a performer that every single one of you know and either love or hate him (good god, I am a fucking Nostradamus). Having brutally ass fucked thousands of whores, he certainly knows how to make a decent living shooting porn, oh and he is also French and has more nicknames than Chinese people fingers.

Ready? Manuel Farrara, Emanuel Ferrara, Manu Ferrara, Manu Ferrera, Manu Gaussian, Manual Ferrara, Manuel Ferrera, etc. He has been working with multiple best porn studios, including Brazzers, Reality Kings, and more.

Age: 43
Movies: 1,429
2017 net worth: $1 million
2018 net worth: $3.7 million

2019 net worth: $4 million

8Evan Stone (Evan Stone)

There was a time when Evan Stone was pretty much in every Brazzers scene (like Keiran is now), not only is he one of the greatest male performers of all-time but one of the richest too. He is truly passionate about the whole adult industry and when he is not fucking hot sluts, he is filming them, always working behind the scenes.

Age: 55
Movies: 1,309
2017 net worth: $2.3 million
2018 net worth: $2.5 million

2019 net worth: $4 million

7Lexington Steele (Clifton Todd Britt)

Ah, with a name like his no wonder he became a porn star. Who would not love to get pounded by 12 inches of steel? He has won more awards than me, looks dope as fuck and has a degree in African American studies and history. When did his porn career start? 1996, probably right after he has realized that you can’t make a decent living with a fucking degree like that. He did say that during his career he has fucked over 5,000 women, including your dad.

Age: 49
Movies: 823
2017 net worth: $3.9 million
2018 net worth: $4.1 million

2019 net worth: $4 million

6Rocco Siffredi (Rocco Antonio Tano)

Starting all the way back in 1993, Rocco became one of the most respected and smartest actors out there. In fact, he is the world’s richest porn star, beating richest female porn actress by 10-fold.

Where did the money come from? Well, the porn industry, obviously, but he made quite a few smart investments, resulting in serious cash flow. Starring in a few European TV shows did him no harm as well.

Age: 55
2017 net worth: $265 million
2018 net worth: $272 million

2019 net worth: $4 million

Soon you will get to see our rich bitches post and here is a spoiler… Their current net value most of the time is always lower than reported before, why? You know why.

5Keiran Lee (Adam Diksa)

I do love Keiran, he just looks like a decent guy that you would love to hang out with. He is also the only actor in the whole world who has a dick insurance of $1 million. Meaning if some whore bites his dick off, it would not be all that bad. Would you rather have a cock but be poor as fuck or have no penis and get a chance to be the richest cunt in your neighborhood?

Age: 35
Movies: 345 (and 1,250+ scenes with Brazzers alone)

2017 net worth: Unknown
2018 net worth: $4 million

2019 net worth: $4 million

4Ron Jeremy (Ronald Jeremy Hyatt)

The man, the legend, the huge dick owner, hi Ron. Even people who haven’t seen a single porn scene with him learned to respect the authority. Having met Ron, I can tell you that he is one of the smartest guys who knows how to save, no fancy suits, just casual shirts, and a 20-year-old hot poon. This is his life.

Age: 66
Movies: 1,530
2017 net worth: $5.8 million
2018 net worth: $6 million

2019 net worth: $8 million

3Buttman (John Stagliano)

Who the fuck is this guy? Oh, just the owner of Evil Angel. He was the one who popularized gonzo adult porn genre hence his nickname. Overall, he seems like a sharp dude who unfortunately lost his wife in a tragic car accident in 1995, also was diagnosed with HIV back in 1997.

Age: 67
Movies: 167
2017 net worth: $6.5 million
2018 net worth: $8 million

2019 net worth: $8 million

2Xander Corvus (Michael Burns)

This guy’s net worth has been a mystery up until 2019 when we’ve learned about the impressive digits. Xander is a name that is familiar to every male viewer while good looks never left slut partners dry. As one of the best pornstars from Brazzers, Corvus has accumulated a staggering amount of cash!

Your old-fashioned grandmother might call him an idiot due to piercings because she doesn’t know better. Well, buy her some expensive make-up before the funeral! Since after getting to know dude’s net worth, she’s already in deep love.

Age: 30
Movies: 533

2019 net worth: $10 million

1Peter North (Alden Brown)

One of the richest male performers out there is mister Peter. With a staggering number of movies, he was in, you can expect a pretty solid bank account and more gold diggers wanting to fuck him than there are sand traces on the beach. It’s also fun how some of the best-known actors are not necessarily the richest.

Here’s a new update! Peter is now the richest guy in adult business.

Age: 62
Movies: 1,638
2017 net worth: $9 million
2018 net worth: $9.7 million

2019 net worth: $10 million

Congrats on not wasting it on booze and whores.

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