Top 20: Popular Italian Pornstars (2019)

Hot, young and born in Italy. These are the top 10 pornstars.

Top 20: Popular Italian Pornstars (2019)

#1. Brazzers
#2. RealityKings
#3. True Amateurs

Never in a million years did I think that I would be making a list about Italian pornstars. The country is known for awesome cars, ridiculous and super tasty food. Color me surprised when I have started to do some digging. As it turns out, a lot of pornstars are from Italy. We have just finished writing about the US porn actresses as this is where most Italian chicks end up anyway. That top 10 was the inspiration for this one.

I always thought that Italian women are fucking crazy, with big noses and just plain ugly. This must be one of the stereotypes for Italian males that confused me. Oh, and a lot of male pornstars are also from the very same location. It looks like Europe does know how to export their whores.

20Nikki Capone

Jump into the sausage fest party and here’s your slut to get you in a mood for some ham. These beef flaps are some of the thickest we have seen. Makes me feel slightly uncomfortable, to be fair. Wearing a perfect outfit for summer, Nikki Capone is one of the oldest Italian pornstars, appropriately ranked at the #20.

This is no French style and her bizarre nail art plus other bits look unappetizing. However, as the saying goes, smashing a random slut is like eating pizza. No matter how bad, it’s still better than nothing! Wish these quotes didn’t apply for Nikki though. Let’s move on now.

19Jewels Jade

Knocking on the glass is Jewel’s gigantic butt. Italian pornstars aren’t exactly famous for their curves, so this is one of the cherished treasures that Italy must preserve. She needs a custom chair to sit on, to fit all that butt. If she ever rage-quits porn, I can see Jewels Jade doing chair quality test where she simply sits and see if any of them breaks.

Unfortunately, it is not as attractive as before due to the awful tribal tattoo that most of her fans hate. It’s trashy and ruins the body lines.

18Stella Cox

Of course, there is going to be a pornstar with the last name of cock wordplay. Stella Cox is a passionate pornstar from Italy, Rome to be exact. She has since changed her nationality to British, but you can’t run from your past or family, which all has roots in Italy. Only 27-years old and I’d have expected for her to be a nun or something, considering the birthplace, surrounded by churches and pope himself. I wonder if he watches Stella’s or any other Italian pornstars porn.

17Bella Bellz

Not necessary the prettiest Italian pornstar, but definitely one of the most famous. Now, I do think she is a solid 8 out of 10 and there is no doubt in my mind that Bella Bellz has thousands of fans that do rate her higher, but these tattoos are just too much for me.

I can’t deny though that from this angle there is no better view in the world. If I was offered to see some sort of destroyed world wonder or her ass in real life, I’d pick Bella in a heartbeat.


16Lisa Ann

No matter if you watch Lisa’s videos in 2000 or 2019, she still looks epic and younger than any other milf pornstar, from Italy or not. Her only competition at this point are Asian pornstars that never age. You know how some random slut that has no knowledge about fitness or dieting loses 10 pounds due to starvation and later writes book about weight loss?

Lisa Ann should do the same about aging prevention. The only difference is that Lisa is smart and knows what she is doing. As for her porn performance, it’s always epic, enough said.

15Megan Rain

It’s raining semen in this video and Megan Rain is here to blame. Thank God you can’t get pregnant from ass fucking or creampies would be as rare as virgin 18-year old nuns.

I do love Italian pornstars or just women in general as most of them have babe like faces, and they achieve that with little to no make-up at all. That is the exact opposite of American pornstars. Have you noticed that European pornstars tend to look prettier in general? Talking about natural beauty here. Wondering if it has anything to do with hormones.


14Sofya Curly

I am not sure if kicking the top 10 list with one of the biggest whores in porn pays Italy any dividends. She is nasty and just ready to stuff as many cocks as you want to. This scene does not even do the justice.

We have seen her getting fucked by 4 dicks at the same time, two to ass, one to pussy and another got stuck in a throat. This is an achievement, but I believe that such rewards should be kept in private. Nah, just fucking playing with you, we love hardcore porn and this porn slut has it all.


13Valentina Bianco

Well, the trend is not looking good. Another one from Italy that loves gangbangs, hardcore shit and is okay with things that should not even be inside the human body. Just look at her asshole and observe. It is ready to gape, without any extra effort.

We do wonder what it will be like for her to live in her 50s or 60s. Imagine diapers and shit pieces dropping everywhere. Someone is going to be a one lucky guy, and if she has kids. God bless their souls.


12Alura Jenson

If you love pornstars with gigantic boobs, Alura will be the name of a pornstar that you can write down even blind. It’s hard to tell whether more people will get disgusted or attracted to her, but I can assure you, she is very popular. Not the most popular girl in town but fuck me. Maybe drop those fake tits by a size or two.

Better yet, why don’t you go ahead and expand them even further? Ignoring her deformed body, she loves to polish that cock.


11Arielle Faye

We are done with the unattractive or weird looking Italian sluts. It’s time for some hot ones and in 4k resolution! This is your reward for staying with us during those hard times. By that I would never mean your cock, but the eyes. Arielle (and fuck me trying to write down her name) does look great.

You can instantly tell that her parents are real Italians with all the required genes intact. You got nice ass and your typical pussy. Tits are not that great but letting to stick the finger down her asshole covers that just fine.


10Rebecca Volpetti

Talk about Rome, Italy or some fucking SPA. This is where a pornstar with very much Italian name ended up in. In the video above you can see her playing with the pussy, underwater and in public. I am not sure what all that bacteria and awful chemicals do to your innards but whatever. I am not a doctor and could not care less. A good-looking porn star, not something that will make your palms sweat and cause speech impairments, but a good looker. Also, she does have very nice labia, if you know what that means.

Source: Free PornHub Premium.

9Joseline Kelly

Another slut that goes perfectly with anal, like peanut butter and jelly. I’m sure she even prefers it over vaginal intercourse. Large bubble butt, G-string tan lines that are sexier than nudes. You can just follow one of these lines and travel to the moist paradise that is her pussy.

Joseline Kelly was born in USA but her parents are of Italian descent, which makes her American-Italian pornstar. Look at her face and take a guess about her age. You are wrong, she just recently turned 21 and the scene is from few years ago.


8Tory Lane

We are getting into the more mainstream Italian sluts now, starting with Tory Lane. She is getting fucked by a fake strap-on dildo in the ass. I don’t even know what the fuck does she imagine. Probably that a very hot tranny pornstar is pounding that asshole, or something.

The dude is having second thoughts too. If I was the one fucking the blond star and you jumped on me with a plastic dick… My mind would be full of awful ideas and comparisons. Which one does feel better for her? Am I hard enough? Oh fuck, I am about to go limp.


7Ivy Lebelle

Let’s be fair here. This dude has such a small cock that she is not even feeling any of that. Ivy is a tattooed pornstar from Italy that is grinding that cock like a big girl. In the end, things don’t go as planned.

Anyhow, you can see her acting and just making all kinds of fucking stupid facial expressions. Bitch, you are bad at acting. We know that with such tiny cock, the only thing that he is stretching is his own lasting limits.


6Kendra Lust

A hot Italian pornstar with a MILF look. Now that’s more to my liking. Massages are a great way start the foreplay. I used to invite many girls back to my place for some “movie” time, which then transitioned to the massaging part. I did have the table, massage oil and all that shit.

Even watched some videos on YouTube on how to touch a woman, wet orgasms and all that. Ultimately, I would get laid. However, there was a major downside: they would get used to the massage part and I was like: fuck that shit.

5Karlee Grey

With a round pair of breasts made in Italy, I am a very happy man to have discovered Karlee Grey. Unless you are some sort of porn expert with the memory of a fucking Wikipedia, then chances are at least most of you have not heard of this slut either. You are welcome.

Black or to be more specific, brown Italian eyes that are probably their national treasure, a short skirt and of course, trademark brunette hair. You have all the boxes checked there. She is a true European slut.


4Valentina Nappi

We are entering the elite pornstars list now, and you can tell. Below are only the names that most of you already know and jerked off to. Valentina is one of the top porn sites, Brazzers stars that we love. She seems to be into fancy shit as why else you would wear so many pearls?

Maybe that is the scene or maybe she is a gold-digging whore. This looks more like an ad than a movie. If you were to pause the video at the last second, there is a surprise waiting for you. The Nappi girl does have one of the largest tongues for a female pornstar.

3Juelz Ventura

I have a dilemma. This is the hottest Italian pornstar of all time, but I just cannot rank her as the number one pick. Mostly because the slut below did so much to the porn industry and has so many scenes that it is just unfair to her.

Sure, in a year or two that could work but for now… Enjoy one of the most beautiful women I have ever seen. Sensual movies and only the second blond girl here. I guess Italian girls do love their hair and hate bleaching. When you think about it, blond and Italian does not really mix that well, does it?


2Phoenix Marie

The queen of Italian porn and the most famous porn star from Italy, bar none. Phoenix Marie is such a huge name in the industry that I am always blown away. Seriously. She is getting old and sooner or later, younger whores will take over her place. You know the saying: enjoy while it lasts. This is exactly how I feel about Phoenix.

She is good, and only time will tell what happens next. This is by the way one of the hottest scenes (for a gangbang). Passion, ass licking, pussy licking and Sins 1000th scene. Nice number.


1Sofia Cucci

Puffy tight pussy and even tighter butthole, Sofia Cucci is the Gucci of pornstars, top quality dog. I immediately downloaded this scene after watching the trailer and it was everything I ever wanted. One of the best Italian pornstars for anal and you know how much we love anal porn sites.

Black hair, a trademark for Italian women and tiny facial features. As close to perfect as I would want from my own girlfriend. She wasn’t even included in our original top 10, and now joins the rest with a bang.

Source: ($1).


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