Top 20: Hottest, Best Asian Pornstars (2019)

Top 20: Hottest, Best Asian Pornstars (2019)

#1. Brazzers
#2. RealityKings
#3. True Amateurs

While researching for the best, hottest and freshest Asian Pornstars that are still active (as of 2018 and 2019), we could not help but notice that a lot of them retired and moved into the “acting” carriers that we are sure will be super successful. Anyhow, while most of these women figure out that the only skill they have is being fucked by five black cocks… That’s two in the ass, one goes to mouth and you can do the rest of the math, here is a new list! We have more than 10 sexy and talented Asian Pornstars that love dem pussies and penises.

Also, if you haven’t checked already, we did a list for Russian women only too. And another one of nothing but the crazy hot Latinas for you to check out.

20Saya Song

It smells of kinky Asian pornstars and Saya Song is one to take the blame. Comes as slightly shy at first but then her true colors show up. Get over the short-haired masculine look and smell the garden. It probably stinks of sweet cum, perfect inside a cup of coffee!

Continuously covering body with new tattoos, Saya is nothing but a sexy Asian with character. Hard to tell if she’s fucked up or artistic since too much ink can mean something unhealthy. We’ve started with over ten American looking pornstars and now stirring the pot with authentic Asians. No bitchy attitude or awful manners.

19Ember Snow

Getting fucked by a horse sized dick, Ember is enjoying herself and a newly injected American freedom. This couple is having fun and while our black performer is not showing any signs of pleasure, I bet it feels extremely tight inside her.

Ember Snow looks like your down to earth kind of girl, with contagious smile and massive amounts of good emotions. Another hot Asian pornstar that does interracial stuff and honestly, I’d fuck her not for her looks (she is 9/10), but for personality. That might sound gay, but it’s hard to not fall in love with positive people.

18Brenna Sparks

As messy as sex already is, especially with oils and shower scenes, Brenna took things to the zone of yeast infection. Her pussy is stuffed with sugar and whipped cream, so people with diabetes cannot enjoy the sweet taste of that Asian vagina.

Ignoring the potential health risks and all the bring stuff, Brenna Sparks seems like a cute Asian chick. Has some colorful ink on her arms, a pancake like ass that is typical for many Asian pornstars and fake tits.

17Sharon Lee

Sharon suggestion comes from the comments below and she is now our latest Asian pornstar to be included this year. I can see why people love her, it’s hard to resist those incredibly bouncy tits that must feel so good in your hand. I’d melt them like a piece of butter with my steaming tongue, go around the nipples and gently bite more than I can chew.

One of the hottest Asians that is full of love, passion and compassion. A perfect wife and mom material.


16Ayumi Anime

The American-made, Asian pornstar with one of the more creative names, Ayumi Anime. I welcome her obsession with hair dyes as this fake brown color is not the only one she is known for. This petite performer is fucking obsessed with changing her looks, going from brunette to blond and then taking things to extremes with all pink or green hairstyles. Guess her last name describes the character perfectly.

Looks to be very beauty and hygiene obsessed, with clean skin that is spotless. A very welcome addition to our top 20 post.


15Kendra Spade

Why the fuck do Asian pornstars demand whipped cream in their porn scenes? This is one nasty female performer that is beyond kinky. You are better off watching this scene than me describing. Some pornstars when you look at them do not seem to be enjoying extreme stuff, but Kendra Spade is the complete opposite.

Pushing cream down her asshole with dude’s cock, shitting it out into a cocktail glass, licking floor and drinking everything in the end? Can this get any more ridiculous?

14Ayumu Kase

At last, we have massage oil and sliding scene with Ayumu Kase and her magnificent ass. Lee’s cock is not the largest (although still big) but look at the perspective.

Asian pornstars are some of the tiniest in the industry and the cock appears to be larger than her head. That’s one ego trip I’d love to take. Unfortunately for me, not only do I have a small dick, but I haven’t dated Asian chick in a very long time.

In other words, pretty much have no chance to achieve anything close to this scene. Maybe if I go for a midget or something. On a positive note, various porn sites like Chaturbate opened new possibilities. Things like chatting and doing private shows.


13Jade Kush

Those lips are fucking tight and you can tell, they grip cock like a hungry kid from Africa grabs a bowl of rice. No words describe the epic ass that Jade Kush has, one of the hottest Asian pornstars for sure and you don’t even have to look at her face to know that. See these tiny glimpses of her smile at the very end of the video?

She looks satisfied. As I said before, Asian women are not known for majestic butts, so seeing something like Jade does feel special. Like watching a video only reserved for the 1% of the world’s population. Whip your dick out and go to town, this pornstar is a winner.


12Asa Akira

The moment you read the title… You already knew that Asa will be on this list. There is no debate or surprise here.

She is pretty much a queen or goddess of ass fucking, double penetration, lesbian and sucking. So instead of moving her to the bottom, let’s clear this name right away and move into less known Asian porn beauties.



Okay, maybe one more, well-known name, at least for all you Asian gurus out there, and this video pretty much sums up her skills and the roles she is willing to do to get more exposure, and hey, we welcome that.

I also think that with her body and whore skills like that, we should send her to the negotiations if any war ever happens, as these lips can bring peace and joy back to everyone’s lives.


10London Keyes

Well, I think this GIF sums it all up, just look at it. She is making a fucking origami out of this dude’s dick, then finishes it all off with a deepthroat.

This is, ladies and gentlemen, is a true representation of a real, unconditional love. And for the first time in a very long time, it does not matter what your skin color is, whether you are Korean, Chinese or Malaysian, all pussies are welcome.

9Cindy Starfall

A pretty new face in the industry but her expressions and pussy licking skills have already won many people over. And that would also include me, the pickiest prick on the planet. I would cut my dick off and get a surgery only to experience a feeling of her licking my fake pussy. I mean…

That is completely normal, right?

8Jayden Lee

Beautiful perky tits with stretched butthole and massage oil. These are just some of the carrier skills you would find in the Jayden’s CV. A true ninja of anal pounding, creampies and facial GIFs. Also, having a nice, slightly Caucasian face just makes her that much sexier.

Overall, we approve of this hot Asian pornstar. Bonus is of course her facial expressions and painal groans.


7Annie Cruz

Holy fucking shit, if this is not the best tease you have ever seen then you must be blind by now or dead. And if you are read, please let us know if God exists and where do all whores go afterwards. That’s so some of our staff members (and this site is controlled by me only) could jump from the edge and fuck whores in hell.


6Mika Tan

One of the curvier Asian Pornstars. She must have won a gene lottery or some shit because most of the Asian girls are just as flat as my 20-year-old tire. Very good for mouth fucking, striptease and just being a fuck toy.

If you ever wanted to see a non-ugly, chubby / fat Asian then Mika Tan is the girl you have been waiting for.


5Kaylani Lei

Asian with tattoos that can take two cocks at the same time, has a beautiful face, small tits and piercings. It does not matter how many guys she has fucked. I am prepared to eat her pussy raw, without any rice or soy sauce. Just for the love of god, take of these fucking shoes. Thank you.

Or are those seaweed leaves?


4Miko Sinz

Now this one is still an amateur but already got attention from some of the more known porn sites. That does not happen randomly, trust me on this one, guys. All in all, a beautiful round ass, tiny butthole that is waiting to be gaped, typical Asian pussy and a look that is still of an innocent little slut.

One of the more solid catches out there.


3Harriet Sugarcookie

Yes, a true sugar cookie and a British Asian Pornstar that already did close to a hundred if not more scenes. So instead of adding just another ass, or mouth raping video have something else, enjoy her dance and then register here to watch all her fucking videos. I think it is some sort of matting dance or ritual that she is doing before her every fuck session.

Source: Free PornHub Premium.

2Marica Hase

Finishing off (almost) with the Asian MILF (or a soon to be one), Marica is a pretty decent catch that seems to be enjoying sex. That does tell you something because most just come for the money, this one comes for join and I cum too.

Again, this list in no order so stop posting comments on how this list is total non-sense and how Marica is not number one, or maybe she is. Who knows?


1Kianna Dior

If you want to see Asian Pornstars with super big tits, like mega huge fucking boobs then Kianna Dior is the only logical choice.

Holy fucking shit (yes, that was intentional), not sure if gay but I would still suck these nipples dry even with some dude’s cum still on them. Okay, maybe not that drastic but god fucking damn it.


What else shall we add? Active names only.


  1. The author is insanely clueless! You can’t call Harriet Sugarcookie and her earthworm dick a pornstar anymore than you can call a random girl with a paid nsfw snapchat a pornstar. A pornstar is someone who does videos that are featured on massive publications on website. Harriet is only a whore for money, and a stupid whore at that. Any of her videos published on massive websites are instantly removed by her on copyright grounds, not that I think anyone would want to watch her fuck an earthworm. I personally because nauseous every time I see it. I don’t think anyone sane can call her a top 10 pornstar with her backwater website. What is wrong with you! Next up, you’re gonna list everyone on many vids as a pornstar. I realize that this list is your opinion, but damn it son, pass me whatever you’re smoking!

    Anyway the rest of this list ios just as awful. Asa akira, annie cruiz, katsuni. Literally the most used asian women on the planet. Every time I see katsuni, my penis shriveles up at the fear of the 30 stds she must have by now. Pornstars are a novelty. The more used someone is, the less appealing they become. Every time any porn publication needs a token asian they just hire like marica hase, or katsuni, cruiz, london, ect.

    there are only two valid submissions for this list Miko Sinz, Cindy Starfall.

    I’m so angry for you at listing harriet on here, you have no idea!!!


    2 for attempted effort.

    • harriett sugarcookie is not only a legit pornstar, but a breath of fresh air and a pioneer. she has bypassed the traditional industry and created her own model of success: selling directly to the consumer. and she is obviously making it work.

      not only that but she does it with authenticity, shares deeply into her personal life, and goes beyond porn into many other topics of interest to her fans.

      you sound bitter…

    • well i think kianna is one of the most fucking hot pornstars, she’s not ugly at all and imo age doesn’t matter in porn (to some extent of course). she’s just a 10/10 asian milf imo

  2. These are just mainly Asian American porn stars or asian stars working for an American company. Mainly used up ugly girls old skanks. No hot Jav girls! No Asian from asia. This is an intentionally narrow list of hags from American companies and represent a very small percentage of asian girls. Where are all the Thais and Koreans Philipinas. This is a fake list of ugly old hags

  3. I think this list is pretty decent. O would put Asa Akira at number 1. Imo, she’s the hottest thing alive! My only critique is that you should probably replace Kiana Dior with a fresh new hole like Saya Song. She’s amazing!

  4. Why do all the enthusiasts commenting on the Asian Pornstar list have to throw all this shade on the creator of the APS List just bc they assume their opinion is superior to all others… come on people, just show the man some appreciation for listing off 20 Oriental dominant woman who get naked and fucked so that anyone who wants to imagine themselves fucking a sexy/kinky/slutty/freaky little Asian woman can beat their dicks til the puke! That’s my two cents on all these fucktards with their vast intellect they so graciously decided to enlighten us with instead of screenshooting the names on the list to go 5 Knuckle Shuffle their way through the list! Thanks for making me feel as if I needed to correct this fallacy before doing the same… Asshats 😤🤬


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