Thursday, October 10, 2019

The Fappening Blog (2019 & 2018)

The Fappening Blog from the editors of with leaked celebrity pictures, exposed sex videos and sex tapes. If you are curious whether or not your favorite celebrity has nudes of her posted, just use the search icon at the top of the site. Top 10 celebrity pussy pictures, accidental nip or full tit slips on the beach, wardrobe malfunctions and more.

What is the Fappening?

The term #thefappening comes from the hashtag that was used to expose thousands of leaked photos from the Apple's iPhone and iCloud services back in . Although a lot of nudes were removed, the name stuck and is now used to tag any sexual celebrity content.

How Was Term "The Fappening" Created?

By combining two words of movie "Happening" and "Fap", which means masturbation. According to the article on Wiki, the movement got so popular that just in a day various social media accounts started receiving hundreds of thousands of users. There were also celebrity leaks that were ignored or called as fake by the people involved. For example: Ariana Grande said that these are fakes or look alike pictures of hers, but never admitted that these were her own leaked videos. They were in fact hers. A total of three "The Fappening" movements have had happened, with second following on September 20, 2014 and then last one called "The Fappening 3" six days later.

The Fappening is a controversial topic and has been discussed by the media for over 5 years. Lawrence for example did say that she considers it to be a sexual offense and even a crime. While I agree that a person who leaked the celebrity nudes could be classified as such, she went much further than that, claiming that anyone who have seen leaked photos are criminals. People love to take sides and same happened with the person responsible for the leak: Ryan Collins. He did receive an 18-month sentence while another person got $5,700 in fines because some celebrity sued him. I cannot imagine how many buckets of male semen and gallons of female juices have been created because of the leaks. It looks like Apple has learned its lesson as there are no more leaks. Fortunately, we have collected some of the greatest nude celebrity videos from movies or other appearances and can’t wait to share all of that with you. Just see the posts below and enjoy exposed Hollywood celebrities or pop-stars.


All The Fappening Blog materials are owned by their respectful owners. The photos and videos are of public domain and were collected from the third-party mainstream websites. For DMCA removals, please contact us and we will remove the content as soon as possible. I like to think that the fappening movement happened for a reason. God got bored of stupid shit that these celebrities were creating and thought to himself: let’s have some fun. Before iPhones and social media, seeing someone famous naked was extremely rare. Multiple generations have died without knowing how their favorite stars look like naked, or with dick inside their ass. Thanks to the new generation, we are fixing this, and doing that in the best way possible: through massive leaks. The whores are dumb enough to take multiple selfies and keep nudes on their phones.

Smart people exposed their accounts and we got a very solid collection of porn videos and awesome leaks. The media blew up and even grandmothers were googling to access archived contents of the forbidden fruit. Sadly, we will never get to see the kinkiest things from the likes of Mona Lisa or Cleopatra, but it’s better to start late or never. This is where sites like’s section of TheFappening comes to the rescue. This page already includes awesome posts of greatest pornstars, porn sites and scenes.

If I was famous, my sex videos would never be shared nor created in the first place.

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