How to Make a Pornstar Martini (Official Recipe)?

How to Make a Pornstar Martini (Official Recipe)?

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#2. RealityKings
#3. True Amateurs

We have been running our porn site for tens of years and only recently did it dawn on us that we have missed so many summers and parties without telling you about the sex themed cocktail called Pornstar Martini. Just like my whores, I always prefer to stir them with my fingers instead of shaking, unless you are into some weird-ass fetishes, my man.

Everyone has heard of Sex on the Beach and the 18-year old club sluts have made it one of the least desirable cocktails of the century. It’s no longer cool unless you are a virgin. Now, it has been a number one selling cocktail in the United Kingdom and if you are into British pornstars, we have just a perfect match for you. A great drink and a nice top 10 list of nothing but hottest cunts from the Great Britain.

Want some history? Douglas Ankrah is responsible for creating the Pornstar Martini recipe, and we will show the original version, which I think tastes the best, just like fresh pussies. The reason behind this name? He thought that this is one of the cocktails that a pornstar would drink, and he is right.

Pornstar Martini Recipe (Original)

You Will Need

– 2 parts of vanilla vodka
– 1 part of passionfruit vodka
– 2 parts of sparkling vine
– A half of blended passion fruit (optional)
– Ice cubes

Making Pornstar Martini

– Fill your cocktail shaker with ice cubes, vodkas and passion fruit puree (with seeds removed)
– Gently stir (or shake if you prefer the cloudy look)
– Pour in the martini glass
– Top with champagne

Pornstar Martini Recipe (Alternative)

Follow the directions above but add a shot of lime juice and a shot of vanilla sugar syrup. Some people substitute that for vanilla extract and they don’t even pour sparkling vine to the glass. Instead, they take a sip of both drinks and combine that in their mouths. Not sure if that sounds erotic or disgusting. If you want my own version, milk your husband and add at least few drops of cum, if you really want to know what do the pornstars like.

I prefer the alternative version, as it adds a tad of sourness, which it how a foul pussy taste.

What is your all time favorite, porn themed cocktail?


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