Top 20: Our Pornstar Database (Hall of Fame) (2019)

Remembering all members liked pornstars with a database.

Top 20: Our Pornstar Database (Hall of Fame) (2019)

#1. Brazzers
#2. RealityKings
#3. True Amateurs

As we keep tweaking our top 10 lists, less popular models come and go while others stay and grow huge. We didn’t just want to get rid of some of the names that were once mentioned. That’s cruel, brother as history needs to be remembered. Instead, here’s a hall of fame.

To put it simply, this is our pornstar database of all the pornstars that were once mentioned.


This is thigh fucking at its fullest, and how amateurs do it. Trashy? Absolutely. Does it fit into the thick thighs niche? Totally. I wonder if you could pull thigh fingering into a mainstream music video and get away with it? Maybe draw a dick head on top of your finger for that extra effect.

Anyhow, it’s an amateur pornstar that is only known as Cindy. Hard to get excited over such a generic name and no further information or watermarks linking to her other videos. Big thighs, but due to bad discovery features, she is at the very top.

Database Mention: Top 20: Pornstars with Sexiest, Thick Thighs


Listen, there aren’t thousands of German pornstars. Can we agree on that? Now, what do you think would be the last place reserved for? If you like porn with humiliation, degradation and other BDSM fantasies, invert this list and you will have Yhivi on top. It’s not your usual scenario with choking and throat fucking, this goes much further than that and that’s how I’d like to think about Yhivi, she loves extremes. The male pornstar to blame is James Dean, who is having some trouble getting his dick up in the very beginning.

Lacks good looks, height or curves. These are trivial things that don’t necessary guarantee good sex. Was born in Cologne, Germany.

Database Mention: Top 20: The Hottest German Pornstars

18Melena Maria / Maria Rya

Imagine pulling that thong to the side and fucking her from behind. Melena is so hot that I am not even sure if this is a dream or not. Have you heard of these scams where a beautiful girl approaches a random tourist and asks for a free drink? That of course turns out to be the most expensive drink out there. She does have that sneaky look and vibe about her.

We love dirty sluts and teaching them a lesson. I have already jerked off today, but my dick is demanding another round just looking at this video. Another hot Russian pornstar that you must add to your fapping folder. Can you guess the birth location? It’s Saint Petersburg, Russia.

Database Mention: Top 20: Hottest, Best Russian Pornstars

17Alexandra Quinn

Admittedly, there aren’t many hot Canadian pornstars so if you are into looks alone and don’t care about bodily lines, fucking technique or any other non-sense, skip to the top 10. For us that are fine with jerking off to regular looking performers, we start with Alexandra Quinn, one of the older pornstars from Canada that have since retired. That explains the quality of her scenes, but honestly, I could not find anything better to fill her spot.

Her earlier scenes are worth watching (see the second part of this video), when she was younger and so much better looking.

Database Mention: Top 20: Best Canadian Pornstars


Seeing that today’s Twitch streams involving females are nothing but a softcore version of porn and attention whoring, you would not be too surprised to learn that KDWow does both, Chaturbate sex shows and gaming videos.

Not the hottest Chaturbate cam girl, nor the most active, but if you have a thing or two for gamer girls, jump in. Also, she is fat, just like most gamers. The only difference that KDWow is milking money from Twitch viewers and then gets fucked in the butt by her boyfriend.

Source: Chaturbate room: KDWow.

Database Mention: Top 20: Best Chaturbate Cam Girls

15Fernanda Ferrari

Don’t just masturbate to every girl, time to respect the elders and get some history lessons. Although this scene looks like it was shot in the 80s, Fernanda Ferrari is only in her 30s. Did we trick you? Because she sure did that to us.

All loving and always smiling, but without any porn videos on PornHub, just lots of nude modeling and oil. If she is your favorite Brazilin pornstar of all listed here, prepare to drop some cash. Often visit cam sex sites for some modeling, but all her porn videos are private, which is why we are ranking her in the “last” spot. Needs better content distrubution for men that love free porn.

Database Mention: Top 20: Hottest Brazilian Pornstars

14Raylin Ann

Why don’t we go ahead, and run a train of cocks on the Raylin Ann? Milking his cock inside her wet little pussy, with some asshole fingering action (it only smells) makes us very jealous. Not the most athletic pornstar but her stamina is of someone who runs hundreds of miles. She could fuck she crap out of you for hours and wear you out.

Now, for the perfectly fit and athletic pornstar to be truly appealing, she must be more than energetic and skinny. It’s all about those muscles and toned lines. Raylin Ann lacks some of that in this department, so we are not going to push her to the top 10, but you can’t argue her aesthetics and great proportions.

Database Mention: Top 20: Retired Pornstars That Must Return

13Jill Kelly

Jill Kelly used to be a pornstar but then switched for a more relaxed, director’s role. Worked with pornstars like Jenna Haze and many others in the top 10. Now close to 50, Jill started working as a stripper at the age of 15, thanks to fake ID. Obviously, was fired some time later, but Jesus Christ. What kind of mess was she at that point?

What did this pornstar do after retiring? Some mainstream appearances and then just sold her then bankrupt company for a cool $1.765 million. Had three husbands, two divorced and one dead. Not the greatest track record.

Database Mention: Top 20: Jaw-Dropping 90s Pornstars


Slow down, cowboy and hide that dick just for few more moments. I got a complain that we mostly write to guys, so here’s one for the ladies too: don’t remove your panties just yet. We have nineteen more 90s GIF porn scenes and actresses to show you. Instead of diving straight into the hottest sex acts you have ever seen, warm your unit up!

Celeste is greeting you with a pair of luscious and biggest oily tits on the list. This is where you girlfriend gets jealous. The moment you stare at Celeste on the beach, it’s game over.

Database Mention: Top 20: The Most Flexible Pornstars

11Kecy Hill

Ever since Mia Malkova made her bent-over cock sucking technique popular, every pornstar wants to do the same. Including our top pick. In terms of elasticity, Kecy Hill is somewhere between a piece of not so fresh gum and cardboard.

She does her best and looks sexy doing so. However, there is a small sadness in her face, as if it hurts her to do stuff like that. Also, not very active in bed, more of a starfish. Not many men want to fuck a pornstar like that. In fact, pornstars should be as wild and horny as us.

Database Mention: Top 20: Really Flat Chested Pornstars


There’s a somewhat interesting story behind Alalas and her performance. She did a single scene on “Sexe Realite 3: La sexualite en vrai” DVD and that was it. Instead of doing vanilla or erotica, Alalalas went crazy and you can see her performance above.

I don’t think many people will be so turned on by her to get this DVD. So, let’s check another 19 pornstars with extremely flat chests and forget this one.

Database Mention: Top 20: Best Pornstars with Small Tits


Why even do a scene like that? I have no clue. Does this excite our dicks? Hell yes! Do we demand more? Yes, please.

Guerlain perfectly illustrates her tiny breasts, with the almost surreal like scene. Well, to be fair, it’s all down to the producers, but maybe it was her idea… She is one of those sexy models that did nothing but nude photography, then transitioned to erotica videos and now… Let’s just say she is almost done warming up.

Database Mention: Same as above

8Sexy Kitten

For amateur pornstar, this Snapchat addicted slut does not have the prettiest face or the best body, but we don’t expect much from the amateur girls these days. Most just drop the panties and that’s all you need to get some virgins following you.

Database Mention: Top 30: Pornstar Snapchat Usernames List

7Zoe Doll

A female porn star born in 1994 of Spanish nationality. She has over 70k followers on Twitter and these aren’t peanuts. Her hair color is auburn and believe it or not, but a place of birth is Tenerife. That is a heavenly location.

The beautiful ocean that is as crystal clear as pre-cum, palm trees and delicious food. What a place. If you are thinking of great holiday destinations, check that one thing. You will not be disappointed.

Database Mention: Same as above

6Veronica Vain

Also known as Paige Jennings (seriously, stop with these name changes), we have a hot American from Georgia. Her hair is out of this world. I am not gay or anything but good Jesus Christ, our savior, please let all women have them that long.

Unless you are into lesbians, there is no reason to be bald. Or since most are already extending their nails and eyelashes, why not add a wig or something like that? Not a bad idea.

Database Mention: Same as above

5Brooke Banner

Now here is a blond pornstar with tattoos that are not black and white like everyone’s else but colorful. Guess that says something about her personality or her soul. I mean, not really but this is probably what all these women think when they get a tattoo or two.

Just one top for this one: if you are taking a cumshot, open your mouth wide, and less of this fucking duck face that is reserved for the lowest class people on earth.

Database Mention: Top 20: Hottest Tattooed (Inked) Pornstars with Tattoos

4Molly Haze

Having already posted about Ukrainian pornstars, Molly is joining the pornstars of 2000 list and hopefully can be pushed to that top 10 in the upcoming future. Red pussy always indicates slut to me, making Haze perfect for porn. The gaping vagina was hand-crafted by Jesus to be used for creampies, so I see a lot of potential for Molly Haze.

We have some porn studios reading this blog, so exposing certain girls to the “mainstream media” could have positive effects for her and you, the visitor. Just two nude galleries so far and I am not seeing her registering on Twitter or any other whore channels. Could it bean that she is pretty much done with porn at this point? Molly has a very right butthole (just like most young pornstars), and adorable face. Hopefully, it’s just a small break for her form porn and she will come back, eating dicks left and right.

Database Mention: Top 20: Pornstars Born in 2000 & 2001

3Jai James

Now here is a unicorn that is hard to find these days and I am talking about the scene, it is a pure interracial fest of fucking. It’s like some sort of parade of racial equality and what not.

Anyway, let’s talk black pornstars and the one you are seeing right now is Jai James! She does have a nice face, nice rounds tits that are bigger than everyone’s else in the scene but nothing too spectacular. We love African American pornstars.

Database Mention: Top 20: The Hottest Ebony, Black Pornstar

2Hitomi Tanaka

    Hitomi Tanaka Bio

    Birthday: July 18, 1986
    Bra Size: 34O

Wait, who? Yeah, screw other Asian porn stars, this one is a keeper and a winner. Sure, she might have back problems and all that crap but just look at these monsters.

Holy fucking Jesus. There is no way in hell you are going to dislike her. Sushi in the morning, nude math lessons in the afternoon and extreme tit fucking for the rest of the day. I want to move in with her, the goddess of fake tits.


Database Mention: Top 20: Flaming Hot, Best Fake & Big Tits Pornstars

1Tegan James

    Tegan James Bio

    Birthday: 24th of June 1980
    First Porn Scene: 37-years old

Either I have been watching too much porn or I can predict the future because I could swear that I have seen Tegan for as long as I can remember. In any case, I was shocked to learn that she started shooting porn in early 2017.

Maybe because she is a MILF, maybe not but it is a rare sight to behold, and reading her interviews, it seems that she lost her virginity in the early 20s and was pretty picky about the guys, which is ironic.


Database Mention: Top 20: Best and Hottest, New Pornstars of 2019


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