Top 16: Hot Pornstars with Light, Pale White Skin (2020)

From paper white pornstars and beyond.

Top 15: Hot Pornstars with Light, Pale White Skin (2019)

#1. Brazzers
#2. RealityKings
#3. TrueAmateurs

Our community is the greatest and unless you are talking sports or cars, porn is one of the best, universal ways to get all of us united. With close to 80 top 10 pornstar lists, we kept getting one request that was mostly ignored. Up until now. You asked for a list of pale pornstars! Without getting too specific, 7 out of 10 my exes did have pale skin. It was one of the body features that I did not even think about and accepted as common. Sun is rare in my region so while it might not necessarily be my fetish, I have fucked a lot of pale girls.

To give you some background on pale skin, it is now classified as poor or geeky, because they can’t afford to go on vacation and get that sexy tan. I disagree.

In ancient times, pale skin was regarded as a must-have quality for any aristocrat, princess or a king. Mostly because only poor people would get a tan while working in the fields. Some queens would even bleach their skin with methods that proved to be fatal to their health afterward. We did try to combine both pale and hot at the same time, as jerking off to someone ugly is not our thing.

16Krystal Orchid

Just for the sake of it, we did throw in one of the palest pornstars ever. That’s if your dick reacts only to the skin tone! Why? Because her facial aesthetics are brutal. It could still be fucked in the dark of doggystyle as the body is delicious. She is from the United States and not the United Kingdom where most ugly pornstars come from and here’s the shocker… Her braced face has over 25k followers, so men are jacking off to her.

In photo shoots it does get better and heck, Krystal could go from 2/10 to 5/10 if it wasn’t for the country-style braids. This look does not work for her. No anal scenes of her yet and could not find any BBC videos either. Some of her recent takes have her with blond hair that looks even more brutal on hair.

15Charlotte Sartre

A goth looking pornstar, Charlotte Sartre. Try to quickly type that name without making a mistake! She is another decent tramp with white skin and knuckle tattoos. I could tell what the text says but she is stroking that dick way too fast for the camera to properly focus. That did not stop us from figuring it all out and this is the stupidest, lamest text of any tattoo, ever. What do you mean “Lamb”? Is this the quote?

Can someone also explain why pornstars often put the dick near their cheeks? The look Charlotte gives is bit dull and does not seem like this porn scene gave her any satisfaction. I mean other than a facial mask for that skin glow. Also, can we stop the trend of porn stars that pretend to want to swallow when they only open their mouths or target them post ejaculation?

14Delila Darling

She must be feeling great, getting cum all over her hair, which is as easy to clean as gum, and all that for a price of 20 bucks or whatever these porn stars get paid these days. I have warned you of the incoming gingers and Delila is one of them. Everyone dreams of not having a kid that is redheaded yet this “Darling” is dying her hair to become one.

If you have seen a TV Show called “My Strange Addition”, there was a similar situation. Only then the African American women bleached her own skin to become white. Her facial aesthetics are sublime, and we were left confused about why she decided to ruin her look. Apologies it all redheads with no souls that rock this hairstyle. Not sure how smart she is but it looks like it’s troubling for her to even catch cum, a task that bucket does fine.

Source: Free PornHub Premium.

13Luna Lain

Gingers have paler skin tone by design, and minus our top 10 ginger pornstars list, this one is the second largest of nothing but redheads. In a typical fashion, she wears an awful skirt that is twice as long as it should be. Reminds me of my old female dean in school, she was a bitch. Hooking her up with a tanned Latina makes the whole scene that much more interesting.

I did find that two pale chicks at once are not as hot as one, just looks odd. I wanted to praise her haircut but there might be some fake extensions going on there. Or maybe just dry hair. The greatest part of this fuck fest is panties stuffing to the mouth. Do this with a random slut from the club and see how they react. Mine are always whining because their panties smell like urine and sweat.

12Mary Moody

A trio of skin tones, from black adult performer to your average complexity whore and then we finish off with a paper white slut, Mary Moody. The one thing that piqued my interest first was her teared jeans. I could be turning into gay or something, I don’t know.

It could be due to the other two lesbos with style worse than AIDS. Bunny on the right is wearing the combo of black and yellow. I doubt that she got brain damage, but we are in that area. Blackie is not that bad, but her shirts are manly? When you got a body of that shape, many things can be forgiven. Anyway, Mary Moody is your cute little pale slut with succulent milk factories and signature hair. The scenes I watched of her always had lesbian sex, asshole licking and mature women around her.


11Cathy Heaven

The trouble with demonstrating pale skin pornstars is in the filters. She is white yet looks bit red or yellow. Not sure who at Brazzers Network color fixed this video, but they are doing a horrible job, even the white chair is pink. This is a pornstar with rather large milk suckles, and one of the very few that tries to look decent (talking about the earrings). I would love to leave few drops of my semen there. One of the plumper pornstars in the top 10, which speaks volumes about our choices.

Most fat girls are just that… It would have been so easy just to pick random BBW sluts and tell you how every single one of them is hot, sexy and fuckable. Instead, this is the only one and she is still slim for a chubby pornstar. She seems to be doing just fine with her carrier, with an ever-growing fan base and scenes on better porn networks.


10Amber Ivy

Having seen multiple pornstars with ponytails, it puzzled my mind why no-one used amid fucking. Up until now, that is! Finally, someone has discovered the intended use… That’s by pulling her head hard when doing it doggystyle.

Okay, who is the smiling slut with white ass and red hair? Amber Ivy and that’s the only GIF we’ve seen in which she’s as happy as now. Gentlemen, learn the trick of hair pulling and give your women the orgasms of epic proportions.


9Stacie Jaxxx

Not in a single moment of porn was there a bad scene with Mr. Madison, one of the craziest fucking male pornstars. He knows one speed only and that’s “turbo fast”! He’s a regular on “Fidelity” network, which is where you should begin.

Now, the blessed girl that got to experience Sonic’s boost is Stacie Jaxxx. A legal teen pornstar with beautiful white skin, interesting color choice for hair strands and natural boobs. If it wasn’t for Madison, Stacie wouldn’t even make it to the top.


8Christie Stevens

A white sofa surrounded by white curtains and two pale pornstars lying there. With some contrast for a pop effect, now this is a porn set that I approve of. Two lesbian girls (with Christie Stevens on the right side) fingering and licking one another’s cunts. People say that you can’t learn much from XXX movies as scenarios and performance itself is unrealistic. However, let me tell you, that move where she sticks fingers in the other slut’s mouth has been a life saver for me.

When I go for oral, my saliva is nowhere to be found and if it wasn’t for porn, I would not know what to do. Maybe adding some lemon juice on the pussy could make me salivate more. Christie seems to be having same issue, but seeing her naked, I am already getting wet from top to bottom just thinking of her.


7Chanel Preston

I almost forgot that this is not a redhead exclusive list. After editing so many of them in a row, my mind went blank after seeing this sugar kitty. We have received some comments stating that our cuts should include more foreplay action. Maybe even girls with clothing… So, here is one!

Chanel Preston is one of the more achieved pornstars considering her appeared in Penthouse, becoming pet of the month, etc. Her lingerie while sexy could see some improvement and not sure how exactly I feel about her performance in this video. Seems bit monotonic. The biggest inspiration for a boner from this scene comes from the maid fantasy and her crawling on the knees. Revealing the panties and pushing skirt just bit too much. Also, I am yet to meet someone in real life that fingers to a picture of a dick.

6Alessa Savage

Fucking in public bathroom is one of the worst ways to have sex. Have had two experiences and both ended up badly. This is porn and none of these things can happen. Anyhow, my first time was with a girl that sucked dick in the women’s bathroom. There was a line waiting…

We of course did not know that. Basically, leaving with angry looks all over the place was embarrassing then and funny now. Second time girl was extremely drunk and just fell into the toilet seat full of shit and vomit. I left her laughing and never seen her again. Alessa is a pale whore that got used to toilet sex and sees nothing wrong with that.

Who cares about washing your hands! Bacteria or even infection? It is all part of the fun. At least she can write, which is admirable for a pornstar.


5Nikki Delano

This anal fuck machine was one of my favorites among all pale pornstars and that blurred logo below will tell you why I am using term “was”. You see, this slut got some cash and instead of investing or using it to ensure better living, most was spent on tan beds (that’s what I assume).

Her latest videos are like night and day in terms of skin tone, it’s white versus dark. I am not against tanned pornstars so can still enjoy that, but she has long moved to the other category. Despite looking American, Nikki is a Latin pornstar, which should be obvious for anyone who watches her scenes. Just too much of a good thing, with perfect ass (and no ass is perfect unless you can fuck it), not to mention these booty moves. Too passionate for me to fuck as I have problems with premature ejaculation.


4Crystal Greenvelle

The universally acclaimed pale pornstar with so much potential, oh my god. A true worker, the Geisha herself, Crystal Greenvelle. According to the bios we read, she was born in Russia but has since moved to the Czech Republic, one of our favorite countries for pushing high-quality pornstars.

She is perfect in my eyes with luscious eyes, juicy pussy and tight little asshole. Always loved brunette pornstars, combined with white skin tone and true openness for sex, it can’t get much better than this. Usually, I try to find at least one bad quality about any performer or a scene. However, it’s hard to do so with Crystal. If you want to be extremely picky, it’s the cum that does not get swallowed but imperfections are what makes us human. I know where my Internet bandwidth is going today.


3Evelyn Claire

The greatest discovery of a new decade! Evelyn has the looks and it’s not just your typical cute face. No, her facial features are extraordinary. Most of you should agree with my claim. I’d say that Evelyn is at a 1% of babes.

Gave a dick numbing blowjob to Keiran, fucked his soul out of him and in the end, enjoyed one messy facial. Dark hair mixes incredibly well with light skin, making her the favorite of ours.


Close to taking over the number one spot from Ella Hughes, Stoya is the highlight of any show. Always thought that she’s now retired although it turned out to be inaccurate. You can’t go wrong with either Stoya or the pornstar below!

Her milky white skin has been cherished and ejaculated over by half of the Earth’s population. Doesn’t shy away from double gangbang intercourse and here’s a one of a kind GIF! Simply to show Stoya’s best qualities.


1Ella Hughes

The curly hair owner (not in every scene), the paled skin skank and a German quality fuck machine (implying skills only, not her birth country), Ella Hughes. These porn scenes are what I live for and are exactly why Brazzers keeps dominating our top sex sites list.

Always fantastic actors and actresses, the shit eating smile on the face that adds so much value and can transform any porn shot from mediocre to lit as fuck. Such a cool video and performance by Ella.

I do regret discovering her only now and not ten years ago. Just when this sex position was all I dreamed of. Now every scene must have anal and hardcore stuff. Thankfully, she does all that too. Really can’t see any faults with Ella Hughes, that pussy looks very wet.




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