Best Porn Search Engines & Aggregators (2020)

Ranking greatest adult search engines.


#1. Brazzers
#2. RealityKings
#3. TrueAmateurs

When it comes to life, you can pick among two things. Either dedicate your time and energy at doing one job the best you can or try to cover all bases and please everyone. Appropriately, letting down everyone in the end. Now, regular search engines are fine for casual queries and maybe porn sites search, but this is your average query. Even with Google and Bing offering video searches, it does an awful job of finding quality porn.

Sure, it will display nudes if you add NSFW and give you some flavor of porn. However, it’s not about finding information. The best porn search engines should rank it based on your interests and none of the mainstream ones are doing that. That’s about to change.

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Adult Search Engine Reviews

I did not just rely on showing you a single and simply best porn search engine! Many porn aggregators could be a nice alternative for porn searches. Especially if you have no idea what to look for. Sometimes your mind just goes blank. Porn aggregators are like a mix of manual and automated listings. Sure, it’s either a hit or a miss, but at least you don’t need to think of search queries.

NudeVista Review

Many of today’s smartest men have already discovered the amazing capabilities of porn search engines, and since I somehow missed this wave of innovation, it is time to check it out now. Better late than never. The home page of NudeVista reminds me of older Google design (minus the random porn content at the bottom for quick access). It’s not but, but the first impression could be much better.

It is a double-edged sword since search engines need to be lightweight, so cramming NudeVista with too many fancy bells and whistles might not work. However, could have at least added ability to display more than x number of results per page without visiting preferences section.

Search Features & User Interface

With the initial bitter taste behind, it does get so much better. There is so much depth for a search engine that aggregates content. My favorite part is the model directory. If you haven’t visited NudeVista before, prepared to be surprised. I did expect to see a regular search box with few extra fields for “must-have” keywords or tags. Instead, NudeVista greets you with one of the most comprehensive filters ever.

You can select the pornstar’s weight, height, breast size, career start, and even hip size. Most of the search engines or list sites might allow you to filter by hair color and body type, but that’s it. NudeVista goes beyond that and introduces a new way to discover pornstars. NudeVista also does a great job at porn search itself (for pictures or videos), supporting double quotes (“”), word exclusion, etc.

Advanced NudeVista Search

The job of a search engine is to provide people with a large indexing database, which NudeVista does with millions of results. Admittedly, I would prefer to see some of these porn sites removed from the default search (you can specify that in preferences). There are just far too many crappy porn tubes with more ads than rocks in the mountains, and that’s unacceptable. For serious porn searches, that is a small sacrifice to pay as you can create the account and configure all accordingly.

Less-Known Features

After you are done with search results, NudeVista does throw you one more bone to stay on-site: tags. Some of us have an allergic reaction when thinking about tags, mostly because they are associated with spam or just messy implementations. NudeVista tags work more like 00s web directory, all of which are grouped into categories and sub-categories. This is the best implementation of tags in a long time.

As for other, interesting takes on porn discovery, Nude Vista is lacking in this department. However, you get random galleries (see the screenshot below) that are split into tags.

NudeVista Picture Galleries

I do suggest sorting by newest, which will show you exactly what is happening in the adult world. The frequency of updates is not terrific. For example, there were only three galleries added in the last 24 hours, which is laughable. You should spend more time on this search engine and get to know it. Sure, one can use it as the alternative to Google, but what’s the point?

Familiarize yourself with their tags, algorithms, and categories. It’s a simple search page unless you use other features. Why bother searching for “country” in the address bar when there is a whole directory for different ethnicities and nationalities? It’s like a mix of human-curated and AI-generated content.

NudeVista does redeem itself with the feedback hub. Think of it as a subreddit or Digg but for ideas. Users can share their suggestions and see developers respond.


Having never tried porn search engines before, NudeVista left me extremely impressed, it is truly incredible what some dudes in their basements can do when the topic revolves around porn. You can spend hours testing NudeVista’s algorithms and most importantly, a list of models, which was the key selling point for me. Oh, and it’s all free. The only other competitor is PornMD, but it has fewer sites covered.

NudeVista Summary


We Like
  • Multiple search options and listings
  • Has great porn search capabilities
  • Advanced search is beyond great
  • Displays random porn content
  • Is not intrusive with ads
  • 27 million videos


  • User interface is not the greatest
  • Links to some ad nasty sites
  • Has broken sources

PornMD Review

After warming up idea of porn search engines and that some are useful, we are back with PornMD. Unlike with NudeVista, the design is to die for. You can tell that it was not built by virgin neckbeards using few strings and a duct tape.

Search Features & User Interface

PornMD feels like a modern porn search engine, with simple yet new-age elements like a rounded search box or JavaScript effects. That brings me to the only and most annoying part of PornMD: the logo. If you mouse-over on PornMD picture, it will show you all the covered sites, but it is so badly implemented. Sort of reminded me of those MySpace pages with raining dildos and other garbage. It also works as a quick way to filter or select a specific porn site from PornHub Network, so not completely useless.

Filtering & Discovering Porn

On the index page, you can also filter through Straight, Gay or Tranny porn and thank porn gods for that. After you enter a search query, things do pick up for good. I was most impressed with the site’s speed. It’s lightning-fast. Also, since it relies on their porn sites that you will eventually visit, PornMD has zero ads. All the best settings can be quickly accessed on the left, including infinite scroll, sources, and length.

If you want to filter results even further, a specific VR only porn option is also here. As far as usability goes, PornMD is so far ahead of its game that you can’t even compare it to other search engines. It has very light and easy on eyes design. Even though it’s not dark, there is a light switch if you ever need one.

The picture search option could be much more distinctive as there is almost no indication that you can search not only through videos but also photos (it’s a small icon on the search box).

Less-Known Features

Many years ago, Google has introduced “I’m feeling lucky” option and PornMD has that too, which they call “random search”. Unlike with regular search results where you want to find properly ranked sites, this option works on PornMD. Sometimes you have no idea what to masturbate to, so random porn option is great.

As far as random porn goes, PornMD has also introduced another neat feature: live searches. It’s as straightforward as it sounds. One can filter queries by country or orientation. It’s a never-ending stream of porn ideas and insights. Yes, everything is anonymized, so you don’t get to see the IP or anything like that of a person searching for porn.

PornMD Live Search

If you are a trend follower, there are trending searches on the top left corner! This is where the hottest or most popular pornstars sit at.

Is there anything else worth mentioning? Of course! If you take your time to truly get to know PornMD, then porn search becomes secondary. Sometimes I don’t even feel like watching adult movies anymore. Look at the following screenshot, which displays regional searches.

There is something Wiki-like on this site. It creates an impression that you don’t just go there to release some steam. Now, you are a professional researcher, because that’s exactly how it feels!

PornMD Regional Search Feature

Lastly, I very much appreciate PornMD’s admins for not forcing links in a new window. They get ten points for that alone. I want to end with the downside and its advanced search, there is none. If you call yourself a search engine, how in the world can you not implement search options less than basic?


PornMD works like a porn aggregator among the same network of porn sites. That might sound like a downside, but it is the largest porn network of them all! With PornHub, RedTube, and other names behind. In 2019 alone they have introduced a handful of design tweaks and optimizations.
The design is wonderful, it almost feels surreal. Mostly because there are no other porn sites that do not try to stuff your PC with advertising.

PornMD Summary


We Like
  • Beautifully designed website
  • Eye-friendly search results
  • Impressive load times
  • I’m feeling lucky link
  • Not filled with ads


  • Annoying mouse over effect on logo
  • One porn network exclusive
  • No advanced search

Why Use Porn Search Engines?

Okay, Bing was one of my favorite search engines for porn. If you visited any of reddit sites, pretty much everyone here occasionally throws a joke how Microsoft’s search market share mostly consists of porn queries. However, Bing is certainly not at the top when it comes to quality. They might have data, AI and other buzz words, but it sucks.

Most of you (including me) rely on the worst search engine of them all. What is that? Search boxes on your favorite porn site. It might work on small porn tube sites with 2,000 videos, but not on massive sites. There is just too much content and it’s not aggregated or sorted in any way. Paid porn sites like Brazzers, Mofos or EvilAngel do better job with tag + category filtering. However, this is a luxury that not all of us want or can afford. Also, it’s limited to that site or network.

How Can Search Improve Your Porn Experience?

This is where porn search engines come to the picture! I have never used them before, ever. It just did not seem necessary and that’s a lot of years of jerking off sessions wasted. No, I am not trying to sell on the idea but think it like this… Would you rather have a single smith machine in the gym that does all the things, or would you rather have multiple dumbbells, bars designed for few tasks only?

I think that diversification works in certain cases and porn search is one of them. You also must remember one thing: porn search engines are free. You don’t have to spend a penny to try them. Don’t just open first listing, do few queries and close these tabs forever! Browse through all our listings, the top position does not necessarily mean best.

Different people have tastes that some of us can’t understand or relate to. I would love for you to share your thoughts, especially if you are new to the world of porn search. We can almost guarantee that this experience will work as a pleasant surprise. Once you learn the tricks of pornstar listings, categories and that there are tens of millions of porn videos that you were not even aware of, it will be like discovering porn all over again.