Top 20: Best, Hottest Bikini Models & Sexiest Adult Nude Models (2020)

The best glamour models & nude, hottest female adult babes in the world.

Top 20: Best, Hottest Bikini Models & Sexiest Adult Nude Models (2020)

#1. Brazzers
#2. RealityKings
#3. TrueAmateurs

To tell you the truth, I was sometimes frustrated during my time of writing top 10 or top 20 pornstar posts. Not because it was not enjoyable, quite the opposite in fact. Mostly it came down to some girls. I’d find nude and incredibly hot girls that would drive me insane. Yet, those were nude bikini models from PlayBoy or other adult magazines and nothing else.

Today, it’s all about to change as we have complete freedom to list just that! Some of the best, hottest and insanely sexy bikini models. Not only that but we will do so with GIFs and videos. Just like it should have been. Blue balls are guaranteed.

Our top 10 is dedicated to the most popular and famous adult or bikini photo models from this year only. Don’t expect the names of the last decade. We like fresh content and fresh pussy only. Some have since switched to porn, and those are at the very bottom. In other words, rated as best. Because there is nothing better than seeing these glamour models getting banged.

20Charlotte McKinney

I’d love to smash that skateboard! Charlotte herself would make one extremely uncomfortable and curvy skateboard that is impossible to ride. Having said that, she needs way bigger wheels to support the weight of McKinney’s breasts. There’s also a juicy butt to adore and crave for too.

Don’t count on her ever-entering adult business as her portfolio is booked with a multitude of things. You have bikini modeling and filmography. Has starred in music videos, series like MacGyver (2018) and key-movies, including Baywatch. Yes, they did make that into a movie back in 2017. Her latest one is set to debut in 2020.

19Lucy Pinder

Let’s just say that those fireworks in the GIF are not the only ones that are popping right now. There are plenty of swimmers inside my balls that needs a release. Large, natural titties and glamour photoshoots. Was discovered by a random photographer and kickstarted her modeling career in 2003. Took four years for Lucy to drop the bikini and take full nude photos with Nuts magazine in 2007.

Lucy Pinder is another English model, among many listed here. She has over 10 filmography credits and other television appearances under her portfolio.

18Alice Goodwin

A popular glamour model and a television star in the UK, Alice Goodwin has a name that is good to forget. Would make one incredible adult actress. With one of the most impressive asses, this model is a keeper.

Where did she come from or why is she famous anyway? She did start her modeling career in 2008 and got some contracts. However, thanks to a football star Ronaldo and rumors that they are dating, Alice got loads of attention. When you have a sexy body and do nude modeling, it’s easy to push your luck even further. Basically, she went “okay” to “omg, they are dating, let’s Google her”.

Source: Free PornHub Premium.

17Abigail Ratchford

An American bikini model, sexy boobs owner, and aspiring actress, Abigail is not as lucky with Hollywood jobs as Charlotte McKinney. Works since 2013 and is now over 30-years old. Just like most adult or glamour models, took chances with pageant contests. Appeared in adult magazines like Maxim, Playboy, etc. Basically, what we are saying is that you can find her bikini and nude shots all over the place.

I dream of a day when she joins Chaturbate or other sex cam sites. Fingers crossed. Men would go insane while Chaturbate itself explodes with traffic.

16Brooklyn Decker

Look at Adam Sandler trying to sneakily touch Brooklyn’s tits. I’d say this is one creepy video. Should be in those YouTube cringe compilations, at the very least. Spoiler alert: she can tell and is annoyed. Also, it is an eye-catching bikini babe that will get you in trouble with your wife, if you stare long enough.

Oh no, honey… I was just looking at the gigantic, curvy waves… Anyway, Brooklyn Decker should attribute most of her success to Sports Illustrated Swimsuit magazine.

15Emma Glover

Some are bikini models; some are glamour models and Emma Glover is a combination of two. Her fame came from lingerie modeling, which can be as sexy or sexier than adult modeling. Women with privates covered do spark our imagination. Another model from the United Kingdom, which is a bit bizarre.

When it comes to hot pornstars, most are US based, right? We also have stupid stereotypes of ugly British teeth and other non-sense. However, when it comes to natural beauty, it looks like the UK is winning.

What’s her dream job? To work as a Supermodel! Now that’s a dream well-achieved.

14Emily Ratajkowski

Of course, she is an actress, as well as a glamour model. Is there any girl on this list that is not a TV-personality of some kind? Emily Ratajkowski became famous after her role in the “Blurred Lines” music video (see GIF above). Basically, she showed her tits, big deal.

Well, that shit of a song turned into a summer hit and was everywhere. I wonder what the feminist would say to any of these adult models? Anyway, she is huge now, all thanks to the efforts of some guy and his song.

13Rosie Jones

I am more than a hallway done with the hottest models list and it’s hard for me to write anything but cheesy non-sense. Just want to call Rossie my bitch and tell her to suck it. Unfortunately, this is one glamour model that must be respected. To be fair, everyone deserves respect, but more so, those girls that transitioned to porn.

Just don’t search for Rosie Jones without adding “model” at the end. Otherwise, you are up for an ugly surprise. There’s another Rosie and she is not doing sexy nudes.

12Sabine Jemeljanova

One of the most frustrating scenes, no competition. It gets worse with every loop with my mind begging. Just one more step… Please. Here’s a GIF that ends too soon. From the glamour model professional, Sabine and her tasty white butt. Has appeared once in an international cinema, so let’s also her an actress!

Eastern Europe has some of the hottest girls; this one is from Latvia. A place of potato jokes and cold winters. Despite way less Instagram followers than other bikini models, Reddit loves her.

11Helga Lovekaty

This is how girls act on Twitch while playing video games. Oh no, please respect me for my skills, they shout. Well, if you pushed away these tits out of my view, maybe I could rate your gaming skills?

Helga is obviously just having fun here, without any other intentions. Can you find her nudes? Yes! Does she do nude modeling still? Of course. Her breasts are magnificent, a true Russian wonder. More often than not appears in non-nude, yet still sexy photos.

10Holly Peers

Holly Peers? More like holy pairs! I am right, guys? An absolute animal in bed, with the body so beautiful that sex is not necessary. A sheer pleasure you get from looking at her naked is better than fucking any girl that I know.

Who is Holly Peers and where can we find her? She is a 30+ glamour model from Europe, with over 300k Instagram followers and fifty videos on PornHub. Sadly, all of them are glamour compilations, topless shots and takes from photo sessions. There is no dick.

Source: Free PornHub Premium.

9Kate Upton

Throw a stone at me if there is a male or female in this room that hasn’t searched for Kate’s nudes. Better yet, celebrity porn tapes or any other leaks. Personally, I’d never do such things because nudity is wrong. Also, it’s wrong to watch others have sex. We should only fuck for the sake of procreation purposes only.

Nah, who am I trying trick here? Kate Upton is gorgeous, divine, a hot bikini model that we all dream of tasting. In addition to that, even a photoshoot in a dumpster would make that place appear heavenly. That’s a real talent, folks.

8Jessica Ashley

Wet bodies turn men and women on, possibly aliens too. Add some oil or splashing water and you can make any whale fuckable. What happens when you invite an already sexy model to take a shower or swim in a pool? Your dick explodes, that’s what happens.

Basically, you have two choices now. Either jerk off to the GIF of Jessica Ashely and call it quits or keep on scrolling and return later. Great cinematography and fantastic scenery make this babe even better.

7Leanna Decker

Can someone tell me if we can call Leanna a “Playboy pornstar”? What I have found is that society often refers to girls from Playboy as pornstars, yet not all of them fuck in front of a camera. That’s just my curiosity speaking.

Leanna Decker is a glamour model from the USA that broke the standards of what beauty is. How many hot redhead models do you know? Was also a Cybergirl of the Year in 2018.


6Ali Rose

So that’s how Playboy adult modeling looks behind the scenes, aka so much fun! Extremely comfortable in front of a camera, with a playful personality and many sexy body shots. This is Playboy we are speaking of, so obviously, pussy and tits videos are guaranteed.

One of the hottest Playboy adult models, at least for me. Would pay serious dollars just to be in the same room. Not to jerk off, but to have a laugh or two.


5Amber Sym

With blur and soft skin filters turned up to the max, Amber Sym looks like the sexiest girl of your dreams. Born in 1989, this bikini model is not yet doing porn, so you can close the PornHub window now. On the bright side, her videos are as “extreme” as you can get for glamour modeling. Legs wide open with hairy eagle spread.

Mark my words, she will either quit modeling or will join the ranks of extremely sexy pornstars in the years to come. There’s no shame in nudity! Here’s delicious proof.

Source: Free PornHub Premium.

4Lindsey Pelas

Lindsey Pelas says fuck off to all the Snapchat filters! Looks better in her pure form than others with five layers of make-up and beauty effects. Considers herself a social media influencer, actress and entrepreneur. Where did she invest and what businesses thrived under Lindsey? I have no idea.

Obviously was featured on Playboy, as with tits that large it would be a crime not to! Has a cool net worth of $3 million. Pretty much for a model in her 20s.

3Stefanie Knight

If your obese wife needs motivation to hit the gym, this GIF won’t make things easier. I bet you expected me to say otherwise, didn’t you? Stefanie Knight is a lingerie model so perfect that one can’t reach the levels of perfection that she achieves. All you can do is masturbate and use your girlfriend’s tears as a lubricant.

No idea why she works-out, you can’t change the constant of what beauty is. Sexy goddesses like Stefanie should be fed grapes, not protein shakes, at least not that kind.

Source: Free PornHub Premium.

2Lily Ivy

Lily Ivy is another bikini babe that now fucks full-time. Of course, it’s only for the sake of “art” and you won’t find her on Brazzers or Gonzo porn sites. Thankfully, her scenes are full of passion and she is perfect for amateur porn. In fact, the scene above suits her well. Does not even pretend to be shy, because she actually is! At least in POV scenes.

Also, is there such a thing as “too cute for porn”? If so, Lily Ivy takes the #1 spot on that list. At least she takes cock and facials. Now that’s a bikini model that I support!


1Malena Morgan

Having started as a webcam model, Malena never thought about becoming a pornstar in the first place. It all came down at helping her male friend who wanted to enter the adult business. He basically begged Malena to have some photo shots with him, all done by a professional photographer. In the end, it was an amateur cam girl that got all the calls from various studios.

Content creators noticed her almost immediately. She got lucky and few lesbian porn sites later, now works with the big guys. Loves glamour and lesbian scenes. Also, unless I am wrong, works exclusively with girls.



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