Top 17: Married Pornstars & Divorced Pornstar Couples (2019)

Happily divorced and married pornstar couples

Top 17: Married Pornstars, Divorced Pornstar Couples (2019)

#1. Brazzers
#2. RealityKings
#3. True Amateurs

It’s hard to believe but pornstars are human! They also want to have certain things in life, like a happy marriage, family or financial stability. The pornstar profession is not for weak minded and if your significant other is doing porn, both of you must have psyche stronger and harder than a ton of bricks.

This month, we look at some of the most famous pornstars that got married and live normal lives. We have handpicked almost 20 couples, that’s all we could find. Some have unknown wives or husbands, some got lucky and snagged a well-known person while the majority just married another pornstar. That is probably the easiest and only logical way to avoid constant nagging, partner comparison and dramas.

Married Pornstar Couples

17Francesa Lee and Mark Wood

Who remembers this guy? He was at the top of the game in early 2010s and then pretty much disappeared. I remember people had strong opinion about Mark Wood, some loved, and others hated him with passion. Ignoring the virgin haters, Francesa not only fell in love with him but got engaged soon after.

Some marriages last a lifetime, and this is a beautiful example. For some reason, I’m extremely happy for this couple, they deserved it.

Marriage: 2001 – Present
Children: No

16Kayden Kross and Manuel Ferrara

Kayden Kross (real name Kimberly Nicole Rathkamp) is a pornstar from California that has married one of the most famous male pornstars, Manuel Ferrara.

Their whole business is nothing but porn and with daughter already present, who knows what kind of occupation she will pick. Children usually model the perfect life around their own parents, and in this case, it does not look very promising. There are always exceptions though.

Marriage: 2012 – Present
Children: 1 (Daughter)

15Faith Leon and Marcos Leon

The key pornstar here is Faith Leon that has been appearing in adult films since 2014 (when she was only 19). There is a romantic story hidden behind this marriage as they have met outside porn industry, not knowing that both work in same business.

Few weeks later Faith confessed to Marcos only to get a similar story out of her boyfriend.

Marriage: 2015 – Present
Children: No

14Kirsten Price and Keiran Lee

Also known as Adam Diksa, Keiran Lee is a Brazzers superstar that gets to bang hottest chicks with his insured dick worth $1 million. Having married Puma Swede, which was older than him by 6 years, the couple later divorced, and he found another love of his life: Kirsten Price.

You can watch couple bang one another on various porn sites, if you are curious to see what does love among pornstars look like.

Marriage: 2014 – Present
Children: 1 (Son)

13Jessica Drake and Brad Armstrong

It looks Jessica Drake was not as lucky with her marriages, her first one lasted only two years and that was with fellow pornstar, Evan Stone. Feeling lonely and all that, Angel Ryan (which is her real name) met Brad Armstrong, fell in love and they have been together ever since. Who is he? A porn producer, actor and just a guy working sluts.

They have recently celebrated 10 years of marriage, which pretty much classifies this as a success. It’s one of those couples that keeps personal lives under a wrap.

Marriage: 2006 – Present
Children: No

12Kelly Madison and Ryan Madison

A married couple that is using Madison as their trademark for high-quality porn. For such key people, there is very little information about marriage and their personal life, all we know that it’s an open relationship.

Kelly wants to be known for things outside gangbang GIFs and anal gapes, so expect to hear more from her soon.

Marriage: 2005 – Present
Children: No

11Asa Akira and Toni Ribas

Everyone wants to fuck a pornstar, but would you marry one? I do consider myself one of those people that does not care about other opinions but even for me the pressure from society, constant comments and glares would be too much.

Thankfully for Asa Akira, her husband is also a pornographic actor from Spain. His first marriage was with Sophie Evans and now it’s all about that Asian pussy.

Marriage: 2012 – Present
Children: No

10Anikka Albrite and Mick Blue

Equally important people in porn industry, Anikka and Mick whom have been fucking as wife and husband for 4 years. Men always get to marry younger chicks and Mick Blue from Austria (now 41) married another porn superstar, Thrace Ardith Allen.

She even hosted AVN Awards, which is quite an event for the XXX industry. Still together and still working in the same business. Forget couples that quit after marrying.

Marriage: 2014 – Present
Children: No

9Sandee Westgate and Jared Grey

Jared Grey did what mostly female pornstars fantasize about just in reverse: move from mainstream movies to porn. Having written, produced and starred in some PG-13 classics that no-one heard about, he married a 39-year old pornstar from Canada, Sandee Westgate.

Both have since retired from porn and continue to fuck with cameras off. She had multiple piercings and tattoos, quite a character that most of us will miss.

Marriage: 2015 – Present
Children: No

8Tori Black and Lyndell Anderson

Who the heck is Lyndell? He is the director of Arch Angel porn studio and has seen a fair share of pussies in his life. Tori on the other hand is like Britney Spears of music, we all know her. Their marriage was not without bumps with both getting arrested in 2012 for domestic battery.

Tori Black is also one of the very few pornstars that married a black guy. This girl truly loves interracial porn and that big thick cock.

Marriage: 2012 – Present
Children: 2 (Son and Daughter)

7Asia Carrera and Don Lemmon

Sometimes you find people in adult industry that truly puzzle you, Asia Carrera (known as Jessica Steinhauser) included. Did you know that her IQ is 156? She is a member of organization, which is basically a high IQ society. Her first husband was Bud Lee, but the marriage did not last that long.

Following divorce, Asia marred Don Lemmon and immediately left the adult industry. Unfortunately, he got killed in the car accident few years later and since then our former pornstar remained single.

Marriage: 1995 – 2003 (Divorced)
2nd Marriage: 2003 – 2006 (Widowed)
Children: 2 (Son and Daughter)

Divorced Pornstars

6Tera Patrick and Tony Acosta

Another divorced pornstar that had not one but two unsuccessful marriages. First one lasted 7 years and it was with musician, Evan Seinfeld. Having learned her lesson, Tera married fellow pornstar Tony Acosta and that took 5 years down the drain. Her childhood is not exactly full of rainbows, getting drugged, then addicted to Valium plus alcohol…

On a positive note, she remains in the porn business, not as performer but behind the scenes worker.

Marriage: 2001 – 2009 (Divorced)
2nd Marriage: 2010 – 2015 (Divorced)
Children: 1 (Daughter)

5Mia Malkova and Danny Mountain

One of my crushes, Mia Malkova was recently married to a British male pornstar, Danny Mountain. Imagine their sex life as you get to “work” after work. The couple divorced few months ago and if Mia gets fortunate, expect another marriage with Eli Tucker. He appears to be a random dude without any information online.

Marriage: 2014 – 2018 (Divorced)
Children: No

4Jesse Jane and Rick Patrick

Most people reading this list would give up their hopes and dreams (me included) for a chance to bang Jesse Jane. Rick Patrick, a former male pornstar on the other hand got to do that for free and their honeymoon phase lasted 7 years.

They had a son which is now 18-years old. Imagine all the “I fucked your mom” and “I jerked off to your mom” jokes that he had to listen to. Would love to interview him one day and get the juicy bits out.

Marriage: 2005 – 2012 (Divorced)
Children: 1 (Son)

Pornstars that Married Non-Pornstars

3Jenna Jameson and Rodney Hopkins

Did you know that Jenna Jameson is one of the richest female pornstars of all time with net worth in tens of millions? Now that’s what I call a nice catch. When you feel entitled to pretty much anything (or get shitty husbands), expect bad things to happen.

Jenna Marie Massoli had two failed marriages and is currently trying for the third time. Her first husband was Club Jenna founder, Jay Grdina, then former UFC champion Tito Ortiz and now, an Israeli businessman Lior Bitton with whom she had a daughter.

Marriage: 2003 – 2004 (Divorced)
2nd Marriage: 2006 – 2013 (Divorced)
3rd Marriage: 2015 – Present
Children: 3 (Twin Sons and Daughter) with Miscarriage

2Sunny Leone and Daniel Weber

A porn and mainstream star, Karenjit Kaur Vohra (who is better known as Sunny Leone), had quite a life and is marred to Daniel Weber. If you Google his name, the only title that appears is “Sunny Leone’s husband”, which is brutal.

Like living under your wife’s shadow for the rest of your life. Daniel is a guitarist or something, but our focus is on Sunny Leone. Their first girl was adopted from Maharashtra (India) and in 2018 a couple celebrated a birth of twin boys.

Marriage: 2011 – Present
Children: 3 (Daughter, Twin Sons)

1Bibi Jones and Jim Grdina

A former pornstar from Oklahoma, Britney Maclin that truly left porn industry too early. Her last appearance was back in 2013 although for the next two years she still maintained her social accounts. I think she was pressured by Jim to quit porn forever, could have even been the ultimatum…

You leave porn and we get married or I leave you. Just speculating here, but no reason to quit porn if you are as successful as BiBi was.

Marriage: 2014 – Present
Children: 2 (Sons)

In the late 2019, I’ve read an interview with one pornstar and she said that “if you have a pussy, there’s no reason not to become a top model on Chaturbate“. We predict that married couples will be leaving porn even faster now, as you can make a living via cam modeling.

Anyhow, these are the currently happily married and divorced pornstars. Do you know any other names? Drop us a line! Side note: if you don’t see a picture of them fucking, it means there was never a scene of that specific couple together.


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