Top 20: All Jewish Pornstars of Israel & Hebrew Countries (2019)

Big nose pornstars from Israel, Gibraltar, Uruguay and other Hebrew speaking locations.

Top 20: Big Nose & Jewish Pornstars of Israel or Hebrew Countries (2019)

#1. Brazzers
#2. RealityKings
#3. True Amateurs

As the feast of unleavened bread (Pesach) is coming to an end, we have some fresh and old loafs for your brain to memorize. Could you believe that we haven’t done a top 10 of Jewish pornstars? Jewish population might be associated with big noses, but that’s not their only feat. In fact, let’s change the gears and make Jewish women famous for their performance in porn, and a greed for cum.

I have met only one Jew in my life, and since Chanukah is not really celebrated here, I have no places to do so. Then again, I’m as far from Israel as whores are far from Church. Since there aren’t that many Israel pornstars to begin with, expect some male performers. Now, what I will not do is bore you with population tags like Ashkenazi Jew or Karaite Jews. Let’s stick to porn, and there is Wiki for things other than pussy.

20Nilli Willis

While we wait for a new generation of Jewish performers to flood the cables of our fiber optics, Nilli Willis is here to remind you of the 56k modems. It’s tricky to describe Israel chicks as hot because of you know… The stuff that happened in Germany long ago.

If you were to wing you buddy in a club, Willis might as well be your “take it for the team” kind of chick. Decent tits might save your memories, especially with the lights off but… I think we can push this top into a much fancier territory and with pussies that aren’t smelling of old cars. We do feel a sense of accomplishment for discovering this slut. Feels like finding an archeological treasure.

19Ginger Lang

Straight from the Tel Aviv, Israel, we have another Jewish whore, and that’s great. Now, I do start to notice a trend. Failed pornstars never talk about their job fully. Ginger’s Twitter for example describe her as a “professional actress”, whatever that means.

Truly epic sluts on the other hand say things as they are. Honesty is hot! They make money sucking dicks and are proud of that. Would not mind marrying any of those girls.

18Seymore Butts

There is nothing to see here, just a porn director and a pornstar with one of the gayest names. No, the girl getting fucked in the ass is not him, if you haven’t realized that already.

Despite awkward name, this dude is at the top of his game, and I mean production quality. Not at the level of Viv Thomas or Jules Jordan, but still a good Samarian. I was initially confused by this GIF as it appeared that Seymore Butts tattoo was ingrained on the butt. Well, that is the case!

17John Rasputin

The Rasputin of the porn world, just not the original. At least he was one of the largest dicks in porn! John likely picked this pseudonym to get his 2 seconds of fame, and we got him covered. Yes, he does speak Hebrew and is another Jewish guy in our portfolio. Now, I did recent listen to the history podcast about Grigori Rasputin and as it turns out, most of it was bullshit.

It does not help that Russian government at the time pushed the very same agenda, creating myths and folk stories. However, he did have a lot of women and fucked them all.
ael pornstars to begin with, expect some male performers. Now, what I will not do is bore you with population tags like Ashkenazi Jew or Karaite Jews. Let’s stick to porn, and there is Wiki for things other than pussy.

16Ron Jeremy

As I have warned already, there will be some famous male pornstars here, and we start with the legend. You can discuss his looks or lack of decent figure, but Jeremy knows hot pull. Not only was he one of the most popular, highest paid pornstars of the 90s, but most respected too.

Yes, he is Jewish and with a giant nose. There is nothing wrong with both facts! In fact, I believe that men with giant things are sexy and get more attention. Can’t say I miss the 2010s trends of girly males.

15Dana Dearmond

An American-Jewish porn director and a pornstar from Florida. What you likely don’t know about Dana DeArmond is that she was way more popular in the early 00s. Those were the days of MySpace and she had over 300,000 friends on it.

The way whores milked Internet users back then was through personal messages and random posts. Since MySpace (nor Facebook these days) allowed porn, they told users to “combine her first + last name and add that .com” to pay for the nudes. Her account was shut down afterwards and it was porn or 9-5 job at McDonalds.


14Penelope Stone

The most sacred Jew in porn industry, Penelope Stone and her willingness to fuck with a condom. She must not have had good parents. Who has sex with protection anyway? Not me and twenty of my kids can confirm that! Just joking about the last point.

Anyhow, born in Israel, Jerusalem, this petite performer has done a handful of videos already. You have scenes of her performance on BangBros, Wankz and some other decent porn sites. Aren’t watching that shit if the condom stays on.

13Michael Lucas

I swear, he is the only male gay pornstar that is on our list, and the GIF itself is not that upsetting. Like, unless you are extremely sensitive to true love. Personally, none of us here give a shit. Just enjoy what you want, big fucking deal.

He is a porn director and gay actor that was born in Russia. However, Michael Lucas did release a handful of movies about Israel, such as “Men of Israel” and “Undressing Israel: Gay Men in the Promised Land”. Yes, he is in love with Israel and his Jewish roots.

12Naomi Russell

Okay, some of the facts about this woman are too bizarre to be made-up. Naomi Russell is a true Jew and was one of the most desirable pornstars just years ago. Now, we have pornstars from Israel, Hebrew speaking sluts, etc. This one takes the cake!

What the fuck are we talking about? Her father is a rabbi! You cannot get any more Jewish than that. That’s like having Jesus Christ and Virgin Mary as your parents.

11Daphne Rosen

No matter how much make-up you add, one cannot simply hide the Daphen’s nose size. She is openly Jew and doesn’t shy away from her ethnicity. I am not even sure why would someone do that? Born in Israel, Daphne Rosen became a model at the age of 18.

In fact, her first bra was a D-cup, which is just insane. There is not enough info on the Internet for about her silicone implants. However, one can guess that she got them at the age 20. Yes, that’s the age when she became a pornstar.

10Tessa Ray

When you’ve been drinking all night but can’t afford to spend 50 cents on a public restroom… Is this the only Jewish pornstar with a pee fetish? Feet likely too, judging from the multitude of such galleries online.

Only four years in porn, birthplace is Israel and does speak Hebrew. Her nose is larger than average, and the only negative is the absence of scenes. PornHub for example only has 3 videos of hers, that sucks.

9Layla Sin

Not the loudest female in porn, nor with largest bust, but what a sexy Jew she is. Layla Sin says it right, I would not mind burning in hell for the ethnicity for my sinful experience with her. Gorgeous, stunning bodylines with visible abs and beautiful pussy.

Sure, her ab muscles will soon be larger and more defined than the top of Layla’s body, but it’s all about that full package. Also, this is a great contender for our sexiest brunettes list. Can’t say enough good things about this Jewish slut.


8Nicole Moore

When you ask your best friend to teach you a thing or two about giving good blowjobs. Which of the two is Nicole? You can tell, I am sure. Just look for a big nose and curly hair. Forced oral sex is awesome, as long as you are not on the giving end.

The trick of a good deepthroat is to relax the esophagus and don’t stay with dick burred down inside a stomach for more than a second. That’s when you are just starting out. As for the scene, it’s worth watching!


7Stephanie Cane

Another Israeli pornstar and it’s a hot one! Large, distinctive nose and smooth as melted cheese locks. Is likely at the top of her pyramid right now as you can’t go higher than top porn studios. Not sure if she is religious or not, but that dildo isn’t a cross-shaped. That’s a lost opportunity.

When it comes to daring and controversial scenes however, Brazzers tends to shy away from those. However, they do produce some of the funniest parodies and just hot sex scenes in general.


6Arabelle Raphael

Can’t tell what part of her body is bigger, those balloon-like tits or a giant nose. However, I do enjoy all her curves and lessons in bouncy psychics. One of the sloppiest blowjobs I have seen in the last 20 years. So much saliva, bodily fluids and cum particles.

Can’t stand the dude’s asshole angle, but it’s a small sacrifice for the rest of the video. Now, where does on hire slutty maids like Arabelle?

Source: Free PornHub Premium.

5Casey Calvert

We can count on Casey and her kinky fantasies to liven up readers. Does not have the largest nose nor two giant nostrils. However, the remaining holes are some of the largest! Now, I am perfectly aware that looseness has nothing to do with pussy mileage, but come on… You do need to have a gigantic cock to pleasure this babe.

Not sure if I am in disgust or love, but my dick is asking me to pet him. That’s the only positive I can tell about Casey.


4James Deen

Yes, we have many hot Jewish female pornstars, but James is the only one who is mentioned outside the porn world. There are songs written about him, movies made and basically, he is a Jewish Rockstar, and one of the best too.

While extremely good looks aren’t common in the Hebrew speaking countries, James Deen was blessed by the Gods of even proportions. When you think about it, there is not a single country where men are known to have certain features? We do have Latina ass, petites of Eastern Europe, etc. Other than loud Italians, can you think of any country where women go: yes, this country has plenty of men with huge X?


3Nina Hartley

I knew that Jews are talented and tend to make a lot of money, but now… Are they truly the children of God? Like, all the famous pornstars are Jews. You can think of many respected names, scroll to the bottom and that name will be here! What kind of conspiracy is this?

Nina Hartley is another cute pornstar that is Jewish and obviously is loved by her fans. Already old and with saggy parts, but we don’t care. She will always be hot.


2Jayden James

We have said so many great things about Jayden James already that it would be wrong to write something casual. One cannot re-describe that beauty of hers or the talent of making cum bubbles. A true Jewish pornstar who made it!

She did speak out against the required condom use in porn. That’s one of the contributions that will be always remembered. If you aren’t aware, back in 2012 some stupid heads thought about forcing condoms in adult videos.


1Joanna Angel

Look, it’s an angel fallen from the sky and with giant tits too! Raised by the Orthodox parents, she was actually one of the firs first female Jews to enter the porn industry. Luck has it that Joanna also got super popular, likely due to her known kinks and extreme scenes.

Does not have a giant nose, but the rest of her features are far from small. As for her parents, they are actually very supportive of her, which is a breath of fresh air. Considering old-school and pretty much close-minded views.



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