Top 20: Gorgeous Indian Pornstars (2019)

Top 10: Active Indian Pornstars (2018)

#1. Brazzers
#2. RealityKings
#3. True Amateurs

My friends laughed at me when I shared my plans for the Indian pornstar list. Not because they did not find desi girls hot or attractive, but the traffic costs versus the people from India who pay for porn are so small that they thought it was a money waste. I am here to prove them wrong, so what you see are some of the best Indian pornstars out there.

It was hard to create a top 10 list, because there aren’t many girls from India that do porn, and very few that do porn are just ugly. Through sweat and tears, I did manage to fill all the spots and am pretty happy with results. The total time that I spent crawling videos, researching and placing them on site was over 10 hours. Basically, a full day of work and just like with all pornstar top lists, everything is free. If you find my work valuable, please join any of the free or paid sponsors below, so we can continue working and having fun in their own ways. You will get the best porn of Indian girls and I could cover a day or two of hosting costs. Keeping a porn site is expensive.

We have since updated the list with some honorable mentions and also include hot Indian pornstars that have since retired.

20Zarian Masood

It’s curry flavored pussy time with Zarian that moans and overacts like an angry hippo, so not everyone’s cup of tea but she tickles some of my itchy spots. Not particularly beautiful although for a chubby Indian pornstar, she is one of the better. The figure aspect I will leave for you to decide although from the placement at the very top (which is still an awesome achievement), it’s easy to do better than her. I do like her pussy shape, looks very aesthetic.

19Neela Sky

Watching this babe stroke that dick with her feet and hands makes me happy inside and wet on the outside. I guess you could say that my cock is growing and will soon reach the Sky. Another decent Indian lady that has been shooting porn occasionally.

Not the most active or popular performer, but at least she is not yet retired and is open to more than just vanilla sex. Is she awesome at foot jobs? Well, let’s just say that Neela Sky was not included in our list of incredible pornstars with feet fetish. For the casual audience, she is one of the better ones.

Source: PornHub Premium (Free).

18Anjali Kara

This is not exactly a beautiful Indian that you have expected, but we are going from worst to better, so have some patience. I also warned you that it was brutally hard to find hot Indian pornstars that aren’t trash or look like some like trannies. The good news is that she has a decent pair of tits and is into lesbian porn. Before you puke your guts out, Anjali is on the left, and not right.

The one with curly black hair is just a tramp. She has applied way too much make-up and eye liner is not working in her favor, but since Indian milfs are as rare as snails on a rainy day, here is another pornstar for you to masturbate to. Above average looks, but at least she has very beautiful hair, raising her value from zero to one.

17Nadia Nyce

Nadia Nyce in the scene above is receiving Gordon Ramsay’s special lasagna sauce that she is happy to taste. This is actually one of her trademark “moves” and was known as Princess of Cream before. Haven’t seen semen so thick and rick, almost doesn’t look real. Nadia is a United Kingdom born pornstar with Indian genes. Sadly, she is no longer doing porn and will be missed. In fact, Nadia Nyce is one of the first Indian pornstars that achieved mainstream success.

On a more bizarre note, she shot over 50 porn scenes with one guy alone (Moore) and refused to fuck with anyone else. Afterwards, Ed Powers fucked her in the ass and that was the end, Nadia turned lesbian, went back to UK and was never heard of again.

Source: PornHub Premium (Free).

16Destiny Deville

To open up spiritually and experience this world in a different kind of way, you go to India and look for a spiritual master that will teach you how top meditate and live in the moment. To become a massive slut and elite pornstar, you go to Destiny Deville, the guru of adult films. One of the most famous and successful Indian pornstars.

The queen of pound town and by some considered to be Pamela Anderson of India. Equally beautiful, just with smaller tits and darker skin. Her looks I’d say are on pair or even better than Pamela’s. What do you think?

15Mia Sahara

Your average slut will be happy after receiving an expensive necklace or diamond ring for her birthday. Mia Sahara will be ecstatic after your every orgasm, especially if you finish on her face. A genuine, happy and good-vibes creating pornstar of Indian descent. There are pornstars with bitch look, average faces and angel faces like Mia Sahara (or Riley Reid if you are into white women). If you are feeling negative or just had a bad day, watch her porn, it works like therapy. Don’t even need alcohol or anything else.

Such a positive individual that makes you happy and leaves a better person. I’d love to open her chakra and leave some of my genome inside her.

14Jenaveve Jolie

Indian born pornstars with dark skin and light pussy. Notice the variety of desi pornstars, which makes it look like some of them don’t even belong on the list, but they do. Jenaveve is not overacting here and truly does have a very tight pussy that needs to be stretched before the scene. Guess she is a perfect material for guys like me that tend to have dick on a shorter side.

Was blessed with delicious butthole genes, short pussy lips and beautiful face. Find at least one fault with her, I dare you.

13Madhuri Patel

Fuck these gangbang scenes and vanilla sex, some of us love Indian pornstar videos with nothing but girls having fun on their own terms, with toys they cherish and love. A desi pornstar with gaping pussy lips and dripping cunt. The amount of juice it produces is more than you can get from a bag of oranges.

Madhuri has changed her look many times in her career, getting rid of the third eye, dying hair and using hair extensions. Does creampies, facials and anal.

12Aaliyah Banu

When I think of trashy Indian sluts that you invite to bachelor parties, Aaliyah immediately pops into my mind (among few white performers). A professional multitasking machine that can suck one dick and give an equal amount of attention to another one, while rubbing someone’s chest with her legs. Long fake hair, fluffy white fur and cheap looking pink outfit, perfect party material.

There aren’t too many scenes with Aaliyah Banu (and she ha since disappeared from industry), which makes what we have left even more valuable.

11Leah Jaye

For nasty Indian whores, call Leah. She does look like a man to me, or someone who is living in a ghetto. Just a lonely Desi girl that turned out to be a slut. I can’t tell that much about her from the video, but there are some assumptions that were created in my mind. She loves gold, that is given, look at the finger and look at that ring.

She even makes sure that there is no cum left on it after finishing the cum swapping part. Leah is wearing the worst dress, ever. I am not sure how much this pornstar is getting paid, but it must be in a dollar or two range. I would not touch her, even with a fake dildo, just a dirsty slut.


Among newer Indian pornstars, Saira is not only one of the sexiest, most beautiful women out there, but is also someone who takes care of their body. As you will notice, a lot of Indian performers have never shot porn outside India, meaning that the quality is awful or just mediocre.

Once you go Full HD (or 4k porn), everything else looks meh. Saira benefits from all that. Now, in this scene she is not actually riding a cock. It’s a simulation. Why? Because she was on her period during the shooting. Still does not take away any of her beauty or talent. Recommend.

Source: PornHub Premium (Free).


This one is hot but finding her videos is hard. She is an Indian amateur pornstar and did not get involved with that many clips. I like the dude and his massive cock, which is penetrating her butthole. You can see she rarely does anal as it barely goes in. He is basically someone who says, “just the tip” and keeps his promise. That’s a shame.

I am putting her to the top only because she has a stupid name and there is nothing else of her. My suggestion to Anais is to think of something better, brand her pornstar name and join one of the major porn sites. These guys shall put you on the spotlight and get the fans that you deserve. As for now, we have to leave you at the number 10.

8Maya Bazin

In the ocean of Indian porn models, Maya ranks somewhere on the middle, maybe on the higher end, although not in the top 3. Could improve her score by getting rid of that annoying cum phobia, it’s not that disgusting anyway.

Maya Bazin is all natural pornstar, without any modifications or lots of makeup. The thing with desi female performers is that only a small percentage of them rely on heavy lipstick or eyeliner use. Most of them are just naturally beautiful.

7Priya Anjali Rai

If you want someone from the big porn sites to be on the list, then here you go. She is working with Brazzers and have produced dozens of porn videos. All much better quality than this one. Her ass can easily compete with whores from other continents and as you can clearly tell, she is an Indian pornstar, a legit one, born and raised in India.

I rarely say this, but her thighs are marvelous. I don’t even find that part of a body sexy, but Priya awaken the giant inside my trousers just with that. Maybe it’s the movement or the lines that appear from all the muscles, but she is hot, and is working with popular porn sites, so can actually be found somewhere.

Source: Brazzers ($1 membership).

6Kali Sudhra

I have rarely seen an Indian girl with purple girl, and this one loves biracial porn. The worst thing that can happen in a porn set is happening here and that is condoms. She has a flat ass that makes me hungry for some pancakes and a meh set of breasts. There is a tattoo that means nothing to me and a black dude, which will be fucking her.

After browsing through her galleries, I have found that she is always dying her hair. It can be green, blue or whatever. Not the most attractive Indian pornstar, especially the body, but a solid slut to fuck from time to time. Also, let’s be honest. We would pay to bang this Kali bitch.

5Shazia Sahari

She looks like a dude in this porn video, but it’s not that bad. Shazia is a good looking pornstar from India. It’s the hair that is ruining the scene and fuck her for that. Upon further investigation I can tell that Rai does not even have short locks, but the way this guy is pulling it all, makes it worse.

She now lives in Los Angeles and is hoping to make herself more popular among people outside the India region. Born in 1984, so also older slut. It’s interesting how many milfs we have on this list, it’s like teen pornstars in India don’t even exist or are too stupid to charge for sex. It’s hard to see in the shot, but Shazia does feature a good set of boobs.


4Belle Knox

It’s so unfortunate that you don’t get to see the beginning of Belle Knox taking that cock down her ass but have a cumshot and butt rubbing part. Her skin is lighter that other Desi girls, so could be confused with the non-Indian pornstar, but you would be wrong. What’s her nationality? She lives in America, was born there too.

Here’s a funny part: she was featured in a Christian magazine before doing porn, ha. These religious cunts turn into massive whores after some time. She is half Canadian, and the other half is from Punjab, India. That region also belongs to Pakistan, Libya, Malaysia and few others.


3Anjali Rai

We are entering the hotter pornstars list now, and Anjali has amazing tits, truly stunning. I love how she wraps her arms around this white fucker and takes it all in. If it wasn’t for the cameras, it would look like a couple that is in love just having sex. White dude and an Indian woman, what a combo.

I was waiting for him to shove that dick inside her asshole, but I guess there is always another time. It’s one of the most erotic scenes of Indian porn that I have seen, and it’s all thanks to the guys at the Fidelity studios. There are some traces of saliva on her thighs, so I will assume that he ate that curry tasting pussy too. Mix some chicken, few spices and you got nice vagina tikka masala.

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2Janice Griffith

Finally, some good looking Indian pornstars that are working with the USA porn companies. I was getting tired of seeing random sluts that will never make it in the business. Considering the Indian population, I am surprised to see so few adult models. Janice does have a petite body and her natural tits are begging to be jizzed on.

While cock sucking skills need some improvement, I would give it to her for the great smile and attitude in porn. The rest of these sluts seem to be angry and not enjoying themselves while Sunny does love to have sex with random strangers. Even if you don’t love Desi porn, this one should work for you.


1Sunny Leone

I think everyone has expected for her to be in the number one spot. If you are not familiar with Indian pornstars, then let me give you a quick summary. Sunny is the most famous and popular American-Canadian-Indian porn star, and even has three kids. Her mix of multiple genes is what helped her to become something other than a trash in porn industry.

Her achievements go so far that it’s remarkable. She has her own brand of perfume, was a mainstream actress, Penthouse Pet of the year, one of the top 10 pornstars in mainstream porn and even appeared on the fucking red carper as a reported. I don’t understand how she did that, but I am not going to hate her for that, good job, Leone.



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