Top 20: Smoking Hot Cuban Pornstars (2019)

Top 20: Smoking Hot Cuban Pornstars (2019)

#1. Brazzers
#2. RealityKings
#3. True Amateurs

Over the course of five years, I’ve considered a trip to Cuba multiple times. I think that the stereotype of cigars and dictatorship remains to this day, yet it’s not entirely accurate. To learn about the culture of Cubans and their women, people go to TripAdvisor or some other site. Well, these individuals are certainly not on!

Forget all that old-school nonsense. To truly learn about Cuba, we need to fuck their women. So, here’s an all-around lesson about this glorious country in a post about worthy Cuban pornstars. Once you get that image ingrained into your memory, just close your eyes… Here’s your superpower, an ability to bang these chicks at the comfort of your bedroom.

20Kim Cruz

The chubbiest of Cuban pornstars that dominates in the category of BBW porn. Oh, and a black guy gets to fuck that giant ass. One can tweak the quality of this cut by turning sound on, for that extra sensation. Although if fat chicks don’t make your stick pump blood, then it doesn’t matter.

Among Cuban performers, Kim Cruz is at the very top, which is weird. Typically, overweight women don’t rank that good in these lists. What about these skills? It’s more of a passive fuck due to stamina issues, but will do just fine as our #20 pick.

19Afra Red

A party that none of us were invited to is in full swing, with three horny sluts and Alfra Red in between them. Should not be that hard to figure out that the Cuban performer is on the far right. You have Puerto Rican, Latina and Mexican pornstars in this GIF. In this odd yet satisfying combination, they came for one goal only… To discuss world peace and equality.

Sadly, a different kind of resolution was agreed upon and you can see honorable fruits above. Blind folds, vibrators, drunk sluts and a bag of fun.

18Carmen De Luz

Pumping those hips and massive ass, Carmen is your Cuban ride of a lifetime. Extremely thick bottom is obviously the main selling point! Left and right cheek are meant for sharing, so you can invite your friends too.

What about her pretty face or mermaid hair? None of that really matters, even if she was an ugly beast. Like a good sponge, my dick would slurp on her pussy juices from noon till dawn. This is one serious pornstar, made for alpha males and those that last long.

17Angelina Castro

Probably unrelated to the Castro family in Cuba, but that’s how one can easily tell who are the real Cuban pornstars. Just look at these sluts last names and it’s like a book cover. The likes of Lopez often point to Latina pornstars while Castro is a no-brainer.

Gargantuan breasts that can hold more than one load and always too small bikinis. These are the signature features of Angelina who is as passionate as other Caribbean pornstars. Drink some pineapple juice and unleash the load of sweet cum.

16Bedeli Buttland

Having announced her retirement in 2016, Bedeli remains one of the best-known Cuban pornstars. With the nickname of trashy whore and busty figure, she had no trouble entering adult business. In addition to that, this is the only bleached blonde Cuban on the list.

Some nationalities should stick to their real hair colors, but at least Bedeli tried. How successful was her career? Multiple scenes, many fans and few bucks in the pocket. Not too bad, especially with those looks.

15Katia De Lys

Pornstars with extremely wet pussies are universally loved, and Katia De Lys is one of them. It’s as the well itself is hiding inside her juicy cunt! Replace that fake dildo with someone’s cock and wait for a moment. Whoever enters this hole will be up for a massive disappointment. That’s because no sane male could last more than 12 seconds.

Thick thighs, cheap stockings that will tear easily and French nails. It sounds like a decent combo for a roller-coaster in the fuck town.

14Julianna Vega

There’s a weird smell of conspiracy in the air and I feel like Cuban pornstars aren’t getting enough good dick. Having analyzed close to 20 GIFs now, most have tiny dicks. I assume Cuban men have (on average) a healthy big dick, so what is happening here?

Julianna Vega lets herself go in this scene, with many great angles and curves. That bubble butt is like a seventh wonder of the universe. Chances are, these are the implants that were added along with the silicones in the upper area.

13Liz Raperson

The bouncy angel and a happy Cuban pornstar in general, Liz Raperson showed up for the sex-education class. Turn this whore around and you will find a tramp stamp tattoo and few others at the top of her neck. All judgments aside, that massive ass can make you forget every sin.

Bit tricky to find her older scenes since she simply went under the alias of “Liz”, but you can try. Our story does not have a happy ending though., Raperson got used to long black dicks and then left adult industry for no reason.

12Kimber Woods

In an all-exclusive scene for Digital Playground, Kimber meets with her lesbian friend and have some female talk. All that complaining about men must have turned them on, because the aftermath is full of pussy juice and sex smells.

This chick digs anal like no other, so don’t be surprised to see girl-on-girl scenes where she takes dildos in the butt too. Although we all know that no-one can replaced a real thing.

11Paris Sweet

Fake it till you make it! Meet another Cuban babe, Paris Sweet and her massive breasts. Adult business is all about the looks, and as long as it loos good in front of a camera, we get a pass. Imagine her walking on a beach… With tiny bikini that barely covers those gigantic love balls…

Get rid of her clothes and the true colors appear. It’s not all horrible, but the wave physics of fake tit aren’t as pleasant to watch. Although let’s be honest here, 99% of men would pay serious cash to bang this Cuban.


10Rikki Rumor

There’s a rumor in town that your mom eats dick like cereal, just like Rikki. Fantastically seductive, with decent figure and expressive hairstyle. Has no trouble swallowing multiple loads and even better, enjoys oral sex. Her mouth has been taking massive dicks in and out for half a decade. What about that curved dick of yours? Not a problem!

Sign her up for the gym membership and Rikki Rumor will go up from six to eight, at least in our scale. Rikki is a great example of a “casual amateur” that went mainstream.


9Alby Rydes

What started as “just the tip” quickly turned into one of the hottest anal sex scenes. The mastermind is hidden behind Alby Rydes’s ass, but that’s how we like it. One can identify a kinky pornstar from her looks and this Cuban slut fits the template!

Trashy manicure with all kinds of glitter and the most important thing, hand tattoos. It’s weird how females with ink will be labeled as sluts while men are nothing but former prisoners. Which label would you take?

8Valerie Kay

Get in the mood for the all-out horny whore party in the SUV, with three dirty pussies and some cigars. What else is hiding inside there? If my future predictions are to be believed, it’s your cock. Parked near the airport, Valerie shows her Cuban roots, with thick sunglasses and tobacco.

She is good to fuck but watch out for that stinky breath of hers. In other words, kissing is reserved for the second or third date.

7Diamond Kitty

The precious little Cuban pornstar, Diamond Kitty wouldn’t win a traditional beauty contest. However, her slutty behavior would certainly land her a lot of favors. With bunny teeth, gaped anus and leopard textured clothes, she ended up as one of the Brazzers pornstars’ favorites.

Even if anal is not your go-to kink, Diamond has plenty of other great qualities. The athletic body for example, or nicely firm tits and sweet voice.

6Ariella Ferrera

We’ve had so many brunettes that Ariella looks like the unicorn in this top 20. Best of all, this Cuban sex machine is a hot one too! In a land of identical performers, she certainly stands out for all the right reasons. Unfortunately, this is not her current color that as you might have imagined is black! That’s a sin and we do not support it.

Thankfully, at the age of 40, Ariella Ferrera still rocks that Cuban flavor of smoking hot sexiness and passion.


5Cristal Caraballo

Even God cannot beat a holiday this good, especially if it’s Cuba. Two horny sluts, Cristal Caraballo and her friend test the limits of white pencil dick. There are still some advantages of short dicks too. Like amateurs that don’t have any trouble deepthroating.

Another firm ass, which helps to draw a nice picture or standard for other Cuban pornstars. Now, we expect more and better booties from the rest of the competition.


4Kimmy Kush

Now we enter the zone of hottest brunette pornstars, and famous too! Kimmy is such a well though-out name that works in her favor. Like a good and easy to remember brand, she goes through multiple hands (and dicks) like clockwork.

Transition from mediocre Cuban pornstars to the likes of Kush or others below. The quality material usually begins with top pay porn sites like Brazzers or RealityKings.


3Nina Lopez

Your wildest fantasy, Nina Lopez is a blend of Latina and Cuban spices. Feeding on nothing but dongs, this busty slut enjoys bouncy rides. It was always a dream of mine to fuck someone on a gym ball, and such scenes push desires even further.

Before we fall in love with Nina, let’s discuss some cons too. For example, these natural tits require major changes. The size is not an issue, as it’s all about the form. They are literally the lowest hanging fruit in the garden.


2Luna Star

With the old jokes about female drivers, Luna is way more comfortable at the pack of car seat. Despite a slow start, tiny Cuban pornstar takes control of the whole situation. In the end, you get a truly wonderful porn scene, thanks to Luna Star. Even when they stop in the woods, that barely covered body remains in Mustang. Isn’t that dedication at its finest hour? Never leaving your workplace, no matter what.

Guess you could say that she is a true porn star? All puns aside, I can already see the snail trail on that steering wheel.


1Vanessa Sky

Rent a luxury hotel and hire Vanessa Sky as your pornstar escort, because this girl is fucking wild. One of the best porn scenes in general and sublime performance from both actors. No matter how good other pornstars look, Vanessa just crushed them all.

It’s hard to focus on specific parts, because the whole thing is golden. Every angle, cut and thrust is full of wild sex. Usually, these acts are reserved for revenge or post break-up sex, but these magicians managed to pull it off.



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