Cherokee & Cherokee D’Ass Pornstar: 20 Best Porn GIFs (2020)

Two pornstars in one sitting, Cherokee and Cherokee D'Ass.

Cherokee & Cherokee D'Ass Pornstar: 20 Best Porn GIFs (2020)

#1. Brazzers
#2. RealityKings
#3. TrueAmateurs

When you share a common name with someone else, it sucks for both. When it comes to pornstars like Cherokee and Cherokee D’Ass, the situation couldn’t be any more confusing. The earlier 00s pornstar for example is often mixed up with the African American one who too sometimes used just the first name. To alleviate the pain, we will list both pornstars and their best GIFs.

About Cherokee Pornstar

Nationality and Ethnicity: American, Caucasian
Age: 37-years old
Birthday: January 12, 1982
Zodiac Sign: Capricorn

Height: 1.5m or 4 ft 11 in
Weight: 52 kg or 115 lbs.
Breast / Bra Size: 36C – 24 – 34
Tits: Fake

Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Black

Years Active: 2001 – 2011

Social Media Accounts

Official Twitter Account: N/A (Deleted)
Official Instagram Account: N/A (Deleted)

Real Name: Unknown
Other Nicknames: Brunette Bombshell

Cherokee Pornstar Biography

Born in Kentucky, Cherokee has entered the adult industry in 2001 and not in 2002 as reported by other media outlets. Started working as a pornstar at the age of 26 and didn’t stop for a decade. It’s unknown what she did before becoming a performer. After more than 200 different movies, Cherokee has retired at the age of 36, not before winning few awards though.

About Cherokee D’Ass Pornstar

Nationality and Ethnicity: American, African American
Age: 43-years old
Birthday: February 11, 1976
Zodiac Sign: Aquarius

Height: 1.65m or 5 ft 5 in
Weight: 68 kg or 149 lbs.
Breast / Bra Size: 36D – 30 – 52
Tits: Fake

Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Black

Years Active: 1999 – 2010

Social Media Accounts

Official Twitter Account: N/A (Deleted)
Official Instagram Account: N/A (Deleted)

Real Name: Yohanna Renee Kerr
Other Nicknames: Cherokee

Cherokee D’Ass Pornstar Biography

With massive trademark butt, Cherokee D’Ass got into adult industry at the age of 24 and blew up immediately. Funnily enough, she responded to an ad for modeling and didn’t know in advance that it was a call to make porn. It’s unknown if Cherokee agreed immediately, but the rest is history. There was never a pornstar with ass as big as hers and that opened many doors.

Cherokee D’Ass has worked with all porn studios, collected multiple adult movie rewards and retired more than a decade later in 2002. We’ll miss her as much as we miss Siri, another pornstar with impressive proportions. No official reason was ever given.

Best Cherokee and D’Ass GIFs & Porn Videos

20Booty Shaker

We’ve seen Cherokee D’Ass with her bootylicious friend many times now and damn are these some thick asses. You need more than one ruler to measure the dimensions of these magnificent buns. There’s not much to this scene or GIF cut, just two pornstars with gigantic asses. Doing what they know best and that’s shaking money makers.

Which one would you fuck? Could your dick even reach the depths of their pussies through these meats?

19Riding Cherokee’s Ass

The scene in which Cherokee D’Ass met another famous bubble butt pornstar, Alexis Texas is one for the Grammys. There was even some envy involved from one side, if you’re good at catching clues. Spitting on black butt, smushing the cheeks and grinding it against tiny white dick.

Here’s a mind bender for you, guy’s pride isn’t that small to begin with and it’s the ass proportion that makes it look that way. Sad to see that they didn’t fuck Cherokee’s butthole in the scene.

18Fucking Cherokee from Behind

Even the world’s longest dick can’t reach it all the way through. Cherokee D’Ass has curves too big for a mere mortal and only Gods like this guy have a chance. Most of us could fuck her without putting any miles onto a pussy and still cum from the ass friction.

Hit the speaker icon and have a listen! Cherokee’s moans are out of this world. Smashing this pornstar is tougher on body than a heavy workout.

17Dripping Pussy Cream

That’s not yeast infection, but a horny cream that drips from your partner’s pussy as you smash her into another dimension. Cherokee started with a sloppy blowjob and then transitioned to cowgirl sex position. Working those hips and butt, leaving snail trails all over the cock. No need to wash it away as she immediately jumped back to taste her own pussy.

That’s just what pornstars do! Also, you can’t have Cherokee’s sex scene without some doggystyle.

16Sins Tests Cherokee’s Pussy

More than a decade ago, Johnny Sins wasn’t as big as he’s now and felt way less comfortable in front of a camera than now. While some moves are far from stellar, large dick makes up for some of it. Cherokee tasted one of the most desired dicks as of now and enjoyed her share of it.

Rode it sideways, on top and bottom, spread her legs to choked it with sweet pussy lips. Bet some of you didn’t know that Cherokee was way more flexible than your random white slut.

15An Artistic Take on Butt

One of the last Cherokee’s creations if you can call it like that, a random scene with butt jiggling and nothing else. Why even mention it here? Because this is the highest quality material in terms of bitrates that exists.

She did lose some weight, got more tattoos and the hairstyle is one from an older woman. Can’t see much happiness in Cherokee’s face either, so let’s not delve on this GIF.

14Early Cherokee’s Scene

You ask a friend to rent you a room, bring another dude as a camera man and that’s how porn was made in the day. Then it progressed to hotels and now it’s all about mansions, their own apartments or studio setups. Watch a piece of history which is one of the earlier Cherokee performances. She looks hungry for money, action, fame, etc. Not to mention a youthful figure.

Don’t just scroll through this, enable sound and fap all you want.

13100% Ass and Nothing Else

Who needs anything when you zone out watching this porn scene? This GIF is a cure for depression, hunger, poverty and flu. The dimensions are absolutely nuts! Her butt is like half of the total body weight and size. Pouring oil on Cherokee’s D’Ass, fucking from behind…

When the life flashes before your eyes and you’re about to die, one of the top memories will be this experience.

12From Start to Finish

Glasses on Cherokee? Why the hell not! I think this is one of the few pornstars that can pull the dorky look. In other words, the sexiness appeal doesn’t disappear despite geek appearance. This is a spectacular GIF with multiple cuts and oh so many angles.

Cherokee starts with clothes on, sucks cock and then the mad sex stats. It’s a very energetic porn scene that is best experienced with both hands on your dick.

11Intense Cock Workout

Add music from Rocky on top and this scene turns into a motivational workout video. That’s how you get your cock huge, by doing heavy lifting that is Cherokee’s ass. Love the humbleness that she demonstrates after an orgasm, laughing and being glad for making another guy finish quick.

Surprisingly, there isn’t much cum… Move aside, let me show you what is it like to receive a real load of snow.

10Fucking Cherokee’s into Submission

Right when a fight between your girlfriend and yourself is about to break out, grab her by the pussy and fuck that slut into submission. Skip the drama and go straight to make-up sex. Look at how passive Cherokee is, cuming multiple times and getting boiling hot. All because the man took the initiative and handled her like an animal.

Sound quality gets bit harsh in the heat of a moment, but even crackling noises won’t scare us away. Let those orgasmic screams be heard.

9Lasting a Minute

You can act all gangster with tattoos, sunglasses and awful beard, but then time comes to put your skills to the test and you’re a goner. Not saying this is exactly what happened here, but Cherokee D’Ass is too hot of a creation and can only be handled with gloves.

Would have to desensitize myself with dozen condoms, mittens and paper box on to last a decent amount. Loving her slightly toned hair and random tattoos.

8Rear Sensations

Glue your phone screen to your eyelids because this GIF needs full-screen treatment. By the time I’m done with Cherokee’s and D’Ass scenes, you will have a special talent to distinguish them apart from just few pixels.

Gigantic bubble butt of extreme proportions, thick chocolate hams and moisturization that’s dialed to the max. The least appreciate part of Cherokke? Thick thighs.

7Big Black Butt

This is straight from any religious person’s nightmares that follows the rule of no sin. Cherokee’s D’Ass goodies are legendary. It’s a supercar among bland grey wagons. Finding hard to describe this one as my mind refuses to take any blood flow from dick and blanks out.

People crave 80s or 90s culture, but some pornstars can never be experienced again and Cherokee is one of them. Now that’s a sad reality that can’t be changed.

Source: Free PornHub Premium.

6Watching Them Fuck

This video is older than my grandfather’s dick, but RealityKings (former RealityJunkies) never disappoints. Cherokee shied away from the audience and insisted on looking left. Curious guy on the right tries to control his raging boner and judging by short shallow breaths, it’s mission impossible.

Beautiful thick dick, moist pussy that adds some glitter to the scene and admirable Cherokee’s stamina. Keeping her cool in this position for more than few minutes is taxing on every muscle.


5Cherokee’s Ass Gets Punished

I’ll include five hundred more Cherokee D’Ass GIFs if that many even exist. Watching her porn is like experiencing all wonders of the world at once with amnesia. The minute it’s over and you hit replay button, the feelings are as strong as first time.

The redheaded friend has a decent butt too but will never reach the sensation curves of Cherokee D’Ass. Basically, a pornstar that even Chinese won’t be able to clone.

Source: Free PornHub Premium.

4Squeezing Pussy Hard

How can someone keep their pussy tight with age? There’s a stigma that more dicks translate to looser hole, but it’s all trash talk. That’s what Kegel exercises are for and Cherokee never missed a day. I cannot believe how tiny that hole looks and how hard she squeezes dick.

Feels like she’s sharpening a pencil, it must feel sensational too. Cherokee was always a pornstar that kept took good care of her body.

Source: Free PornHub Premium.

3Spreading the Eagle

Yes, it’s a sequel to another Cherokee’s GIF from above and with white superstar, mister Sins. There’s no denying, she could do splits, ride like hell and achieve it all at the age of old MILF. Light blue bra, cheap Chinese jewelry and trashy high heels, that’s how a slut should dress.

Porn hasn’t changed much in the last few years, but watching this scene makes us appreciate the quality and scenario improvements thorough the years.


2The Comeback of Cherokee

Older, more grounded and with some additional experience, Cherokee got back to film another scene with the household porn name that’s MindGeek. You know, the owners of every major porn network. The wardrobe is also much improved, looking stylish as we enter a new decade for 2020.

These dull pornstar gates are jealous, especially women of similar age that have since gained 50 pounds and look like giant blobs of fat.


1Cherokee Goes Doggystyle

Plow through life like this male pornstar is plowing through Cherokee’s butt and you’ll be a winner. Is there such thing as too many compliments? This is plain doggystyle porn GIF in POV action most of the time. This is what it’s like to be Cherokee’s boyfriend.

Yes, there are people that don’t dig African American women, but come on… Would you really skimp on an opportunity to fuck a pornstar?

Source: Free PornHub Premium.


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