Top 20: Best Canadian Pornstars (2019)

These are the hottest, sexiest and most popular Canadian pornstars.

Top 20: Best Canadian Pornstars (2019)

#1. Brazzers
#2. RealityKings
#3. TrueAmateurs

Ah, Canada, the land of maple syrup, winter games, weird bacon strips and politely correct people. Pornstars from Canada on the other hand are not that widespread as some of their products. In fact, it took me over a year to come up to even realize that Canadian pornstars are a thing. To give you some background, I was introduced to the Canadian culture through South Park’s miniseries called “Terrance & Phillip”, so you can imagine my first impressions of your country. My mentor was from Canada and from my limited experience, I can tell you that you guys have some of the best people out there. Whether your hot babes can beat American pornstars or any other country whores remains to be seen.

Today, after finishing my pancakes with maple syrup, I have decided that it is finally a time for my favorite top 10 Canadian pornstars. There weren’t as many famous names as I expected (considering the size of the country), but we are always updating these lists, so no pressure to stuff them with ugly beasts right away.

20Tiffany Preston

If you need hardcore pornstar that is into bizarre shit, Tiffany is your best bet. It took us a while to find a decent video of her where is not fucking a tranny pornstar. Haven’t seen a mainstream porn actress do that. It’s usually considered bad for business, just like it was bad to fuck black guys few years ago.

Thankfully, the industry has come to senses and we have much more variety. Tiffany Preston on the other hand is trying to break the barrier that is impossible to break.

19Vandal Vyxen

Straight from the trashy porn stars list, we are welcomed by Vandal Vyxen, a unique pornstar with more colored tattoos than in the tattoo gallery and rainbow-colored hair. Hey, if rainbow colored pornstars is your fetish, this is one of the very few that you should watch. Not only is she bat-shit insane in terms of looks, but there is literally no spot where she is not adding a color pop. From shoes to leggings and dreads.

I’m surprised she did not demand a colored condom. A Canadian pornstar with French siblings, which could explain her “artsy” side.

18Vanessa Gold

A slightly less extreme version of the former Vandal Vyxen, this is Vanessa Gold. Fucks with the condom like her co-worker so that’s a big no. If she was to drop plastic wrappers, we can see her few places higher. Her body and ass especially could be framed and hanged on the wall. Oh, and have you noticed her thighs? Absolutely massive and as muscular as professional bodybuilders.

She is more into slower sex but not necessary vanilla. Just less energy than the top of the barrel. I am talking best-rated Canadian pornstars from 10th place and above.

17Kylee Strutt

From Canada (British Columbia), we are greeted by Kylee Strutt, a 5’2” pornstar born in 1987. Thin reddish hair from the Devil himself, a poorly done DD boob job and decent butter face. She is surprisingly popular on free porn sites and is among one thousand most popular pornstars. That might sound impressive to you, but having surfed through thousands of porn performers, I can assure that most of them are in the 3-5k range.

If you find her fascinating, a higher quality video can always be found on paid porn sites.

16Lanny Barby

The way Lanny swallows cum makes it look tastier than the cake icing, and I am not gay (we have gay pornstars list though). It’s one of my favorite qualities about this Canadian born pornstar. Always appreciate those that go the extra mile, licking cum off their fingers and tits.

Has a signature tattoo on her thigh, enhanced tits and cleanly shaved pussy. Started with the low budget porn shots, got noticed and became and overnight sensation with Hustler, Penthouse and over magazines seeking her nudes. No longer does porn. Pornstar wannabes should watch more of her videos and learn from Lanny.


15Riley Nixon

I’m not sure if Canadians are particularly proud of this, boyish looking pornstar with very short hair, but here we go. Always struggled to figure out why women choose to do that to themselves. My ex used to trim her hair on a shorter side post break-up, so my best guess is that she had some sort of emotional trauma too. Wearing a choker (another sign of fucked up), and fishnet stockings, Riley Nixon prefers extremely hard sex.

Even at the rate that she is fucked in the scene above, she is not getting enough stimulation. One of the best natural tits in porn industry though, that’s a plus. Now grow some hair.


14Sunny Leone

Sunny Leone was also named as one of our top Indian pornstars. Why the heck is she on the Canadian sex workers list? Because she was born in Canada and just got some Indian genes. I think that’s fair. Having done dozens of these ethnicity related lists, Sunny is the only pornstar that got such treatment. I mean there is no such thing as “Canadian” or “American” genes, right?

It’s all about place of birth as most girls are either white or black. There are more than few Canadian pornstars that have French relatives, but that makes sense as they do speak it there too.


13Shay Sights

The queen of old-school porn that also reminds us of Nikki Benz. For some reason multiple porn sites name Nikki as Canadian pornstar even though she was born in Ukraine. Shay Sights still works in the industry.

Now at 45, she has more than half of her life fucking with hundreds of dudes for money. Very few people are aware of her existence which begs a question: what exactly was she doing all these years? She is probably the only pornstar that has not achieved the level of fame that other, similarly aged performers did. Oh well, at least you can be all hip about her.

12Grace Harlow

This is what happens when you let your girlfriend leave for a “girls’ night” out. All of them are cheating sluts and this video proves my bias. This looks like a Canadian gangbang where you get to not only taste many flavors of pussy, but also pound these pancakes. Depending on your diet, drinking pineapple juice might make your semen sweeter, which is exactly what Grace Harlow would expect for a maple syrup replacement.

Grace is in the middle of the video, catching all the drops she can get and at the very beginning, sucking that penis. Other whores include all the popular pornstars from RK network, and boy are they having fun. I have never witnessed public sex and watching these girls without clothes, banging, makes me jealous.

11Alyssa Reece

For some lesbian action, we have Alyssa Reece. She is doing straight porn too, so don’t panic just yet. If you are not up to date, the Canadian pornstar is the one with a tongue down another performer’s asshole, tasting the berries.

Doubt she is doing a good job as you can even catch the other girl scratching her head at one point, wondering on what the fuck is happening. Not to say that Alyssa is bad in bed, but if she was the one licking my butt, scratching my body would be the last of my activities. The missing piece of the puzzle in this scene is a massive dick, that could fit nicely there. Oh, and Alyssa is wearing that white headband most of the time. Some pornstars do tattoos as their trademarks while Alyssa is doing hair accessories.

Source: ($1).

10Kelly Summer

Following the lesbian trend, here is Kelly Summer. It’s clear as night and day that she is doing much better in the clit sucking department and brings much more love to the table. Also, this Canadian pornstar also has a rather unique piercing on her nose. This is the first time I have seen a female performer on a major lesbian porn site with features like that.

Yes, girls next door have plenty of piercings on their lips, noses and other places, but pornstars? Not so much. She is lucky to get an experienced MILF that teaches her all the tricks. My favorite scenes always include scissoring, this is as mandatory for lesbian porn as cumshots are essential for straight girl-on-guy scenes.

Source: ($1).

9Kianna Dior

There are around 5 million Asian people living in Canada and Kianna Dior (born and raised in Vancouver) is one of them. Her talent is undeniable. She is an undisputed queen when it comes to giving blowjobs. Let’s believe that this is only the angle that is making dude’s cock that big. Otherwise, I will have to talk to my girlfriend that refuses deepthroat action.

Shoving your dick is an option but you don’t have to do that with our Canadian pornstar. Hairstyle is on a weird side and her looks are not the greatest, but this could be due to the messy sex scene. I always said that MILFS give you the best blowjobs, as they don’t really care whether you think of them as sluts. They understand the male to female dynamics in sex and try their best.

8Shyla Stylez

Yes, Shyla is only in the seventh position on our Canadian pornstars list and let me tell you why. She is dead and was only 35. The cause was never released but some speculate drug or alcohol abuse. This is just the reality of adult business as we have now seen multiple sluts disappear from the industry. Celebrating her performance, I have picked this video from the masters of porn: Evil Angel. Her face is of a whore and that is a plus.

Men usually want to fuck women that do look like pornstars and Stylez fits perfectly. Tits are some of the biggest in porn I have seen and her lust and desire for dick is undeniable. If she is attractive or interesting to you, get these scenes before some asshole lawyer demands for them to be removed from the studios page.


7Amy Anderssen

She is so good at doing her job that you can’t tell if this is a video loop, or if she is giving a blowjob with the accuracy of sniper riffle. Being only 33, Amy will go far in the porn biz. You have one of the roundest butts of any Canadian pornstar, mandatory fake breasts that are reaching the floor and fantastic hair. Why is that even relevant? Imagine her with short hairstyle and try jerking off to that image.

It just doesn’t work. Proportional facial features and glowing skin portray Anderssen as a very healthy MILF. If there is one thing that I want to point is her eyes, they look pretty much dead? I had to check her other performances and the situation was much better, hence why she is included there.


6Ariel Rebel

Guys, it does appear that Canadian female performers are reaching their peak much later than other pornstars. We are yet to see a youngster and while Ariel is not a teen, 32 years old is not that horrible. I am a fan of her butthole, which has that tiny gap open, perfect for quickly pushing a tip of your penis. Her pussy flaps are unattractive, and she should cut that shit out, but for now, you got to enjoy what is presented to you.

She has her own website and that costs money. So, I suggest free alternatives instead. Unless you got turned on by her so much that you just can’t think straight. Compared to other Canadian sluts, she has fuller lips (talking about her face here), that must feel amazing to kiss.

Source: Free PornHub Premium.

5Capri Cavalli

An interesting performer that is not able to think straight. She is blonde in this scene but has since dyed her hair brown. I just despise females that keep changing their hairstyles or nicknames. If you want to do modifications, do bigger tits and cut pussy lips, not something as trivial as hair. Born in Vancouver, Canada, Capri (also known as Angela Terrano) is one of the more attractive pornstars in our top 10 selection, with busty body type and few tattoos.

This GIF was cut multiple times, but from the looks of it, she is quite energetic in bed. Let me tell you a reason though why she will never be amonng best pornstars: condoms. This shit does not belong in porn and should be banned.

Source: Free PornHub Premium.

4Marley Brinx

Having removed some retired talent from the last spots, Marley is our newest and sweetest addition! It’s feels great to improve our hot Canadian pornstars list and feature a slut like this one. Don’t worry though as only the oldest pornstars were flushed away. Their video quality wasn’t that good either. In other words, keep coming back to our top 10 as there’s always a new girl or two, waiting for you.

Okay, what about Marley Brinx? She was born in Canada and has since left the country, expanding the adult movie horizons. Got picked by talented producers and here you go, a GIF summing up the best deeds of Marley.

3Savana Styles

Sometimes it is for the better to avoid the face and Savana is one of these exceptions. Okay, I am just kidding. Her blond hair, sublime breasts and oily slim figure does make Styles standout from the crowd of bland and boring sluts. She is old and her pussy shows that. No matter how hard you try, trimming does not help at this stage in life.

Her Instagram with close to half a million followers is full of nonsense pictures that just reeks of middle age crisis. Colorful wigs, lips injected with Botox and gothic lips. Someone should tell her just to stop and continue performing. Savana is one hot MILF that everyone from your neighborhood would bang, and it does not matter if they are Canadian or not. Sometimes even countries with best values collapse under a lot of pressure.


2Lauren Phoenix

At one point in her carrier, Lauren Phoenix must have been classified as Canadas national treasure. Since starting her porn journey in 2003, our Toronto based pornstar has been nominated for the best anal sex scene, female performer of the year and then best butt sex video again. You can access all these scenes at our best rated porn site of the year: Brazzers.

Sadly, only after three years it was the end of the road for her as she announced her retirement from adult business. The reasons are unknown, but at least she shot multiple porn videos that can still be downloaded. If there is enough demand, Lauren should come back to the industry, like the phoenix that rose from ashes.


1Kirsten Price

So, who is our favorite Canadian pornstar and the best in the eyes of us, the editors and our community? It is Kirsten Price. If you read through all our adult performer descriptions, then the picture is rather grim. You got retired or dead whores all over the place, and that is beneficial for our #1 pick. It’s not like she is the best of them all, but at least she is alive and performing.

Rocking Italian and French genes, she moved to the US and attended a college to become a criminal justice major (seriously). Her taste is men is fucking shit though (just Google Barrett Blade, a husband of hers) if you are curious. Thankfully, her sex scenes are fire, with lots of anal, hardcore sex and other dirty things that you mother warned you about.

Source: Brazzers ($1).



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