Top 30: Best BDSM & Bondage Porn GIFs (2019)

Our favorite scenes from Punish Teens website.

Top 30: Best BDSM & Bondage Porn GIFs (2019)

#1. Brazzers
#2. RealityKings
#3. True Amateurs

I enjoy dirty sex, and the harder it is (assuming you can prevent yourself form cuming), the better. Most of us won’t reach the peaks of top male pornstars, but it’s not like men care about women’s satisfaction, right? Following our look at Punish Teens site (Submissived network), which focuses on nothing but hardcore porn, I have decided to share with you some of the more interesting porn scenes.

If you are a romantic type and can’t even imagine fucking your girlfriend or random hookups the way these people do, don’t worry. Not everyone is comfortable with punishing teens.

Having said that, women love to be dominated in bed, and it reassures one thing… That they have made a right decision and picked the most masculine man out there. You can be loving outside bedroom, but when it comes to sex, you need to savage these women and make them feel like the dirtiest sluts. If you want to take it even further, check our BDSM porn sites. Surprisingly, women are the most frequent members of such sites. I’m sure that by now everyone has heard about their rape fantasies and nasty stuff. Ironically, they only want to get force fucked by the hottest guys or those with massive dicks. Guess that a creepy guy fucking them in the foods is out of the question.

30Megan Sage

Megan has one of these too cute to treat like trash faces, and whoever is punishing her must have a lot of discipline. Am I the only who would try to create artificial fights with girlfriends? That was only for the make-up sex, which of course was full of anal and throat fucking. Not sure how taking my dick is punishing for anyone, but logic has no place in porn.

I wish this Punish Teens cut had more to show, other than slow stroking and ejaculating. Megan Sage is on her best behavior in this video, must have been already taught how to talk to a man and what is expected of her. Next time force her to eat all that cum.

29Sophia Leone

Not the most intense Punish Teens scene, but her ass alone makes up for everything. I was eating out my girlfriend the other day (in same position) and stuck few fingers down her butt. Pulling out, it had few dangle berries on it, which made me fucking puke. I hope that Sophia has better hygiene than now my ex-girlfriend.

This pornstar has talent, looks and stamina. Loves being tied down, punched, smacked and gagged. The only thing I don’t get is these fists stuff or teeth pulling. Can’t even understand how it makes anything hotter than already is. Someone care to explain?

28Michelle Martinez

Whatever goes around comes around. Michelle does not see anything wrong at telling everyone to fuck off, showing inappropriate finger gestures and rubbing pussy in the meantime. This is how all great BDSM porn scenes start. You need to teach these bitches some respect and as experience has shown, it always involves hardcore fucking, choking, gagging and bitch slapping.

We do see multiple women acting like queens, expecting to be treated like goddess while they do treat others as trash. Michelle is one of those teens with bitchy face, making punishment part that much better. I’m sure that by the title of site, you do know what is about to happen.

27Sally Squirt

I’m not sure how masturbation in van is worthy of a punishment, but we are not whining. Seeing her name, I have expected some squirting or pissing, but that did not happen. At least in this scene. A bondage sex teen superstar, Sally Squirt escaped from home, only to be kidnapped by a well-behaved gentleman who only wants to teach her a lesson.

Another dirty slut and a bad teen. Not sure where these guys find these skanks, but man do they look pretty, especially with tears in their eyes from all the deepthroating and smacking. The only appropriate way to top this off is with a facial, getting as much cum inside her hair as possible. Women love natural products.

26Mandy Muse

When times are especially tough, you got no choice but to ask your buddies for some advice. Mandy is a girlfriend that people have no trouble sharing with others. There is nothing appealing about that awful figure with no curves or tits smaller than my own. With proper lighting tricks, Mandy Muse can look okay, so at least there is something.

Schooling this teen with your friends seems to be a lot of fun and more couples need to follow the footsteps. While I did not get hard watching this one (loos like other editors did), at least I know why a psychologist or counselor career is on such high demand. I would not mind consulting these sluts too. They even get paid for that. What other profession earns you money just for listening? If that was a thing, every single husband would be rich as fuck, form constant non-interesting stories and bullshit wife talk.

25Evie Olson

What’s the best way to punish any BDSM hungry teen? With the biggest dick. Here you have a situation where Evie Olson is deliberately trying to act like bitch, just to get punished. My dream wife or girlfriend would just lay down all day (when I am at home) with ass up and panties down, just like a sex toy that can be used by anyone and however they please. After I leave home, I expect Evie to clean the floor with her tongue and then wash the filthy hole she calls vagina. Not my favorite scene overall, but one of the best short video clips so far.

Not much punishing going on here, but this dick is magical and fits like a jigsaw puzzle piece inside her pussy.

24Kendall Woods

This is an older Punish Teens scene and bit pixelated (original is much better). We had to include Knedall Woods, as not only is she one of the hottest ebony pornstars, but also there aren’t any other dark-skinned whores in this top 10. If you are into freaky shit and bit racist, this could turn nasty (and by that, I mean gallons of cum exploded on the floor).

She does not deserve any punishment acts because her behavior is already spot on. Waking you up with a blowjob? Now that’s fucking medal worthy. Only one of my ex-girlfriends did that without asking, and thankfully it was not summer when balls smell of sweat and piss. If you’ve never tried shit like that, ask your girlfriend for a surprise. It’s one of the greatest feelings.

23Makenna Blue

This is not going to be pretty and you have all the components of hardcore porn scene mixed into a sleek package that this scene is. Makenna has been a very bad girl as the amount of punishment she endures is on the higher scale. Face slapping and choking on dick is just a warm-up on what’s to come next. These are not gentle slaps, but brutal punishing. If someone were to treat me like that, I’d punch the shit out of their guts.

Makenna Blue might also have some dental hygiene issues as you can see mister dentist checking her teeth and trying to pull some out. A short-haired teen that will soon become feminist and try to preach other women. Don’t know why she cuts her hair that short anyway, looked much better before.


22Smacking Slut’s Pussy

With guillotine like device and multiple straps, it’s a journey like no other. Some penetration angles make no sense, but this bitch won’t complain. Slapping pussy with foreign objects or dick is way more fun than fucking!

Just not sure how exactly does it feel for the woman. Imagine if someone was to slap your balls, because that shit hurts, bro.

Source: (Kink Network).

21Forced Blowjob

That’s a new one for me! There are fucking machines and similar devices, but this takes the cake. Looks like an ancient torture device made by the worst men of humankind. Does not look that exciting, but that’s just my own take on this.

Keeping things between us, I have never enjoyed fake dick blowjobs. Nor understood those artificial moans.

20Milk and Cookies

Another impressive GIF for your hogtied porn collection, which oozes pain and funky smells. I would be mostly worried about her fake tits that could collapse or explode at any time. Every other part does not concern me the slightest.

Always ready and milk producing MILF is such a treat. Smack some flour on her tits and you got yourself cookies.

Source: (Kink Network).

19Teaching Her Properly

If you can’t tell the difference between porn and abuse, then it’s bad by design. Unless that’s the intention, which is why we have decided to include this cunt too. My fantasies are not as fucked up, but it’s not like my porn tastes are better than yours.

At least you know that pornstars agreed to do all this bizarre nonsense. That helps me sleep at night.

18Bondage Orgasm Extremes

Nipple piercings, skinny figure and an orgasm that she will never forget. This is one of those pressure releases that can make your whole body numb. All they had to do was bring few metal toys, tie her up and wait it out.

Would you rather have a girlfriend with emotional baggage or an overall healthy hoe that had her share of gangbangs in the past?

17Gag Ball Fun

There are far better variations of gag balls on the market, but it’s an overall beautiful video still. Some anal sex, some choking and other pleasures of life. Most of us here tend to enjoy those with an open hole to put your dick in. It’s like a warm and always pussy which never closes.

Handcuffs are so old-school now, just a plain stuff for amateurs and virgins.

16Tied and Fucked

We were missing some Asian pornstars, so here is one! A lot of us associate kinky, trashy whores with Caucasians, but other nationalities are as equally hardcore. I blame various interracial porn sites where they bring a random blond and demographics. It’s not secret that most porn is bought by men of white color.

What do you think about this GIF? Does bondage porn work on Asians? She looks far too delicate for me to enjoy.

15Using Her as Meat

With an extremely fuckable ass and a whore ready to do anything to please her master, we got another great GIF. There was never a happier woman than this one, and her pearl-white smile agrees with me. Such a beautiful shot that is breathing bondage.

This video will destroy your computer mouse because it wasn’t designed to handle so many clicks of “replay” at once.

Source: (Kink Network).

14Lesbian Bondage Scene

Let’s give more control to women and see how they re-enact these sex scenes. It’s your lesbian softcore experience from hell! Fairly balanced and with many great shots. Did you know that most of these scenarios are created by women and not angry men that want to abuse their pornstars?

There is a special kind of hoes that prefer animalistic porn, you just need to find your dream one.

13Hardcore Choking Takes a Bad Turn

From crazy and wild to insane is how my friend described this GIF. We begin with a random chubby bunny that has a suffocation device applied. Thought I knew about most kinks in porn, but this is also new and bit shocking to me.

I’ve seen hardcore BDSM videos where women are placed in plastic bags and chocked, but what the fuck is this?

12Preparing for Fun

Before all these BDSM GIFs merge into one, here’s one for a 5-minute break. Sex gets boring after a while, same goes for pornstars. We want fresh faces and different hoes. For bondage sex, it’s bit different as 90% of the time their bodies are covered with ropes, gag balls and such.

So, instead of another slut, here is a different take on fetish porn. Just a helpless piece of meat that is about to get fucked.

11Ropes and Dashed Hopes

For an evening of some neat fetishes, bring ropes! You already push partners to a somewhat unpleasant level with regular anal but do this for chili sauce extra. Your girlfriend can’t stop you, shove away or cover that filthy brown hole. The pleasure is all yours, at least at first.

Few of my girlfriends were begging for bondage experience like this GIF portrays. My rules are simple. It’s all greenlit as long as both sex parties have a mutual understanding on what is about to happen.

10Mental Asylum Gangbang

Wow, this bondage GIF is almost perfect! Just needs me in the scene. The whole scenario, idea and execution is balls to the wall good. That’s why people signup for job at the mental asylum! Just so they can fuck insane chicks without any repercussions. All we need now is some private cam shows and you got yourself a subsriber for life.

In the end, who will listen to some random whore with mental problems? Also, do know that this is a porn scenario and not real life.

9Rape Fantasies

Right, so you demand rougher sex scenes with more BDSM? Ignore the smiling asshole that ruins most men mood and this is the one! She truly tries to escape the bondage gangbang that is about to happen.

Sadly, one cannot escape from their destiny and it just happens to be her unlucky day. Good thing that guy threw her on a soft and not metal bed. We don’t need no broken ribs.

8Two Teens Hogtied

You will see the continuation of this hogtied GIF below, but for now it’s the opening that we love. Just two horny teen sluts that have no idea what is about to happen. Don’t judge their expressions just yet!

Seem bit uncomfortable at the very beginning, but then we switch to “fuck me harder” mode. Their faces are full of joy, love and everything in between. That’s how you fuck teen pornstars!

7Midair Sex Scene

Surprisingly uncomfortable for her and like a walk in the park for the person in charge. Strong ropes, midair swinging and more pussy juices that these floors can take. It’s around in the middle as far as intensity goes, but who said that golden rations are bad?

Almost blue tits, light chocking and pleasure filled screams of joy.

6Playful Amateur Bondage

Before men turn into monsters that just want to degrade women, most start with this. New couples, random amateurs and such fantasize about bondage, albeit not extreme one. This scene is as perfect as it gets and reflects everyone’s first time.

Unless your head is messed up, this is how everyone should get introduced into the realms of rough sex.

5Swings of Love

Do it again and slap her harder! Having almost choked on dick, this horny whore has nothing else to do than listen and accept every demand. Who fucked up her in the early years? Was that a random divorce or other (and more serious) issues?

Like a glove that fits any hand, she is flexible and acts accordingly. Good little slut.

4Kylie Quinn

So, this is how Jesus was crucified? No wonder he could not walk for day, hardcore sex can be intense. Imagine getting surrounded by thousands of your followers, for the ultimate ancient gangbang fest. Since you can only fuck mouth and asshole, drilling palms was the only option. As for Kylie Quinn, it’s one of the best BDSM and bondage porn GIFs.

Does not have too much brutal fucking, yet you see panties stuffed in her mouth, deepthroating and other kinks. It’s like a perfectly balanced cup of coffee, with right amount of sugar and roasted beans. Will have to get one of those collars from AliExpress or some other site. The only sad part is Kylie’s looks that go from decent to awful as the scene progresses. There must be a better way to apply make-up that does not get ruined because of sweat, tears and friction.

Source: (Submissived Network)

3Lily Rader

For being a punishment worthy teen, Lily Rader does not have all the trashy qualities like tattooed skin or awful piercings. The studies did not go well, her boyfriend got pissed for not knowing how to read and instead stuffed that piece of paper to Lily’s mouth.

She has already been trained like a dog and does all the nasty things herself. Who says that punishing does not work? It clearly did in this scene. Lily Rader is one of those girls that you feel sorry for. Must be due to her cringe looks, awful hairstyle, worst outfits and chubby face, or all the above.

One of the Punish Teen classics that only gets better with age, like a glass of fine wine. It’s hard to make it of what Lily is writing on that paper. Any guesses?


2Kimberlee Anne

Now that’s why I come to sites like Punish Teens, for the inspirational ideas like this one. Kimberlee got truly lucky this time and had a chance to serve her master who not only cooked her dinner, but provider her with the privilege of licking man’s asshole. As hardcore as porn can be, with nasty cum on the plate for dessert. Maybe my girlfriend’s family would visit me often if I served me something like that?

Kimberlee Anne is a punishment worthy teen, just wish this scene had handcuffs and none of that teeth bullshit. Has anyone thought for a moment, how do these girls feel during the filming of these videos? Are they happy, do they get turned on? Or hate every single second of it?


1Chloe Couture

Now that’s fucking awesome and easily tops the best Punish Teens scene of all-time, not just for me but other editors too. You get to see two teens getting punished and they are best friends. Chloe Couture is first to get good treatment. The other pornstar is mysterious, but she is fucking shocked at the whole thing. This is now how she imagined spending a day with her girly friend. At least she is already wearing a choker, must have had an oracular dream. The rope must be on sale that day as there is so much of it.

The biggest mystery is how did they get naked and remained with sneakers on? Both pornstars have had this happened to them multiple times, you can tell from the ass bending angle, bitches know what feels best for the male performer.

Source: (Submissived Network)

If this top 10 is way too much for you, check our teen porn sites list. It has same beautiful teens but with mainstream sex scenes. Perfect for evenings when you don’t feel choking someone.



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