Interviewing Athena Rayne, the Princess of Porn (2018)


We are kicking off a new series on our site and this time it’s all about getting to know your favorite pornstars! And why not start this list with someone you already know? Or if not, why not just go ahead and get to know her on the more intimate level? Through free porn links that we have prepared, of course.

You have seen them naked and they made you happy but do you actually know them?

Below is our unedited interview with Athena Rayne. We have found her to be a very happy, fun and genuine person.

Thank you for taking your time to do the interview.

1. Can you introduce yourself?

Porn princess Athena Rayne here lol.

2. What’s your earliest memory?

Eating pizza with my nona In Naples, I just really like pizza ? oh and head shoulders knees and toes.

3. What does your average day look like?

If I’m shooting it’s get up, get showered, rush to get coffee and something vegetarian, go to CVS and get a few redbull, show up for hair and makeup, hang out before meeting my costar/s and then shooting lol. After I like to go home and cuddle my bf. On non-shoot days you can find me working the pole, at the humane society, or under an umbrella at the beach.

4. At what time did you realize that you want to do porn? Was it spontaneous?

I applied in October after a Mike busey party. I just kinda wanted to. I found out the day after my bday that hussie wanted me. I wouldn’t change a thing.

5. Do you remember your first scene? Were you nervous and expected the worse?

Yep. Not nervous at all actually lol. I suprised everyone(exhibitionist lol).

6. Do your friends or family know about your job? How did they react?

Oh he’ll yeah lol. My whole hometown knows. My parents are my biggest supporters, I’m hoping to get them to come with me to Xbiz or AVN awards next year (athenanation for the win!).

7. Have any fans approached you in real life? Any good or bad experiences so far?

A few every once in a while. So far they’ve been super sweet and even little shy. I always have time for my Athenians.

8. What’s next for Athena Rayne and you personally?

Well personally Athena Rayne is me. Athena is all of the best parts of me when I’m in my zone lol. Honestly I’ve considered a name change so it actually would be on my tax records . But what’s next? I plan on rocking this industry for years to cum (pun intended).

Do you have any taboos? Any scenes that you would never do?

The only scenes I won’t shoot are with studios I know purposely abuse talent. End of story.

9. Do you see yourself ever retiring form porn?

One day probably, but honestly I could go into milf if I wanted to.

10. Name your favorite book and a movie.

Book: The Mortal Instruments


11. Do you have a motto or a favorite quote?

“It doesn’t matter who’s going to let me, in reality who is going to stop me?”

12. Any last words?

Let’s keep rocking it! Also my puppy says hi.

A Cool Puppy

Ending Notes

And here you have it! To learn more about Athena, visit her official , which is full of her pictures, booking details and more.

Official Links (yes, she does shows too)

Thank you.



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