Best GILF, Mature & MILF Porn Sites (2019)

Simply the best MILF, granny and mature porn sites of 2019.


#1. Brazzers
#2. RealityKings
#3. Lil Humpers

Here’s a dilemma for you: what do you classify as mature porn sites, and should same pages be added for the MILF porn sites? I think that mature women are essentially MILFS and don’t yet cross the granny stage (over 60-years old). Therefore, we are going to include both.

I did check other MILF porn site lists and none of them left me satisfied. Most of them listed a lot of garbage or had like thirty mature porn sites. Who in their sane mind will have time to check all of them or even pay for memberships? Instead of flooding you with hundreds of porn sites, I went for quality instead of quantity. That’s just how I approach things in life.

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Best GILF, Mature & MILF Porn Sites

Adult SiteRatingPriceVideosLink

Lusty Grandmas



Full HD: 598

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Full HD: 2,176

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MILF Hunter



Full HD: 402

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Pure Mature



Ultra Full HD: 34

Full HD: 343

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Full HD: 172

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PornHub Premium




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60 Plus Milfs



Full HD: 0

HD: 650

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Premium MILF Porn Site Reviews

Lusty Grandmas Review

Our list wouldn’t be complete without at least one porn site that focuses on GILFS. Well, there are MILF and mature women also. However, these grannies are so good-looking that I cannot not mention them again and again. How old are they? There are women in their 50s, 60s and even 70s.

Lusty Grandmas stands behind its name and delivers some of the hottest porn videos with hot moms and sex thirsty grandmas. It’s a part of 21Sextreme network, which is not a small feat.

Premium Membership

If you go all-in and join Lusty Grandmas and become a part of 21Sextreme family, prepare to buy a lot of lube. You are pretty much set for life! With 83 bonus sites and more videos that there are grains in sand, Lusty Grandmas is a steppingstone of this superb journey.

Not all the bonus sites are for granny women viewers, obviously. However, you do get to enjoy more of the mature women content with exclusive niche pages like:

  • Old Young Lesbian Love
  • Grandpas Fuck Teens
  • … and more

Honestly, just Lusty Grandmas itself is more than enough. However, we appreciate all the extras! Especially when they target similar aspects of mature porn. With more than 600 videos (most of which are in Full HD) from this single site alone and 800 from other two sites, you have plenty of content. The women are also gorgeous. I mean, truly spectacular. Even those that think of mature porn as awful, would get their dicks titanium hard.

Site Features & User Interface

Lusty Grandmas is a well-designed, simply to use site with all the basics right. Multiple sorting options, tags and pornstars index is a given. Each video is presented with a beautiful thumbnail, like to dislike ratio and several comments.

Yes, you can comment videos and have some fun with the community. Each video has a well-written albeit short description, gives access to related pictures and ability to favorite each video. Basically, all the standard porn features.

I do appreciate Lusty Grandmas design. It’s so clean and without much bullshit. Just a sheer focus on content. That’s the way every porn site should be designed. No major or any drawbacks.


Granny porn sites are not exactly popular. As a result, these networks don’t really have to try that hard to get membership subscriptions. However, while there are plenty of mediocre or straight up horrible sites with nothing but garbage porn. Now, Lusty Grandmas shows the middle finger to all of them! It’s the only GILF exclusive porn site I would join.

Lusty Grandmas Summary


We Like
  • Simply the best granny hardcore porn site, period
  • Does not refurbish old content
  • Active community & updates
  • Women are great at sex
  • Has remastered porn
  • Amazing site design
  • 73 bonus sites


  • Could always use more scenes and in 4K

Anilos Review

To tell you the truth, Anilos was never a name that I have even heard of, and my experience covers thousands of porn sites. Visiting the site gave me a mixed bag of feelings. On one hand, I did enjoy the thumbnails and free porn previews, they allow you to watch 5 videos after registration. On the other, the site design seemed bit bland and there was no trial option. It’s very rare to find a porn site these days that does not offer a trial, and Anilos is one of the few.

With some doubts planted in my mind, I went for the monthly membership and holy fuck was it worth the price. My only regret is not immediately buying the yearly option. Why? Because it saves more cash as this is one of the few sites that will remain on my “always subscribed” list.

Premium Membership

The homepage of Anilos is your regular fest of thumbnails. Although the logo needs updating asap, and that’s their biggest selling point. You can immediately see all the amateur and skilled performers, including mature women in their early or late 50s, 40s and so on.

Some are from Latvia, others from USA, it’s like a mix of sweet and salty peanuts, perfectly balanced. With years of porn watching experience under my belt, I do know pretty much every MILF there is and Anilos managed to surprise me there too. Since there are over 565 women, a hidden gem is always here, hiding from you. You have one-timers and returning performers. As of now, I think that it is one of the biggest mature porn sites. Soon, they will reach 2,570 videos, which is impressive. The site has been around since 2008! So, imagine all the experience and tricks learned during ten years of porn.

Site Features & User Interface

Update schedule is impressive. Videos do come almost every day, it’s a non-stop fest of MILF porn that just keeps on giving. Some subscriptions do not make sense since updates are once per two weeks. So, it means that after the initial rush, you are paying for a video or two every month. That’s not the case with Anilos and boy do I enjoy sites like that.

I was one of those ignorant people that always thought how best porn can only come from the massive porn studios, be it regular sex or niche related porn videos. Imagine my surprise when Anilos was brought to my radar. If you are a professional mature porn watcher, then for you it’s like hearing about Brazzers or PornHub. Basically, just a well-known name that you keep on subscribing. Now, I have been converted to one of you. It’s just a breath of fresh air with so much to offer.

How about a negative? You can’t leave a comment under a video, which is a shame and I was not able to find any bonus sites. Also, it looks like Anilos used to focus more on solo session in their earlier years, so about half of videos I did watch were of mature women pleasuring themselves. However, even with those scenes eliminated, you have more than 1,000 fucking sessions.


We could tell you so many amazing things about Anilos. However, it’s better to experience it once than to read dozens of reviews. I truly believe that for mature porn sites, it cannot get much better than Anilos. It is currently our top paid porn site in the MILF and mature porn category. Here we don’t give away those awards easily.

Anilos Summary


We Like
  • Was rated as the #1 for mature porn
  • Over 2,570 well produced videos
  • Pornstars in 40s and 50s
  • Amateurs and professionals
  • Not only US pornstars
  • Offers 5 free views
  • Frequent updates


  • Does not have a trial option
  • Lots of solo sessions

MILF Hunter Review

Back in the 00s, this site was a go-to place for epic MILF porn. Basically, you had a guy named Hunter who traveled to local pubs, discos and grocery stores. His goal? Pay hot cougars and fuck them. It was mostly private places, none of the professional studio equipment that we have today.

All the older videos are like that. However, I must stress that the format has since been changed. So, let’s talk about that.

Premium Membership

You must have heard of this small company called Reality Kings. You know, it’s just one of the greatest adult networks. Not a big deal.

Why am I talking about RK site in my MILF Hunter review? Well, this is just one of many (29 bonus sites)! After all, Reality Kings is one of the largest networks for reality porn. Anyway, in addition to 400 videos from MILF hunter, one can access other related sites:

  • Moms Bang Teens with 105+ Full HD videos
  • Moms Lick Teens with close to 200 scenes
  • MILF Next Door that has over 255 videos

With hundreds of beautiful MILFS, there is one recurring theme that some might not appreciate. These are mostly professional pornstars with fake tits and other plastic parts. Their older videos were geared more towards mature amateurs, but now it’s VIP models of 30 to 40-years old. You do get better quality videos, great lighting and such. However, some of the site’s legacy was lost. Or maybe that’s just my nostalgia speaking.

Layout is all good, just like any other site from Reality Kings. Also, expect to pay for downloads $14.95 / month extra, which sucks balls. Nowadays, I do try to stay with streaming and save my porn filled HDD from throwing up.


If you don’t mind pornstars and prefer them over “average looking” women in their 40s or so, MILF Hunter is a must try. On the other hand, for non-pornstar amateurs try something else, or watch their older content.

MILF Hunter Summary


We Like
  • Over 20 bonus sites and 10,050 videos
  • More than few MILF related sites
  • Amateur and professional whores
  • Crisp and nice video quality
  • Great layout and speeds


  • Some say older videos were better
  • Downloads will cost extra

Pure Mature Review

I am so grateful to be reviewing the favorite niche of porn, it’s like the happiest time of my life. If you are a long time visitor, then Pure Mature studios should be familiar to you. We do occasionally feature scenes from Pure Mature as the content is always top-notch. My favorite quality is the lighting, which is always the brightest, not where it burns your eyes, but just perfect to see all the details and for videos to appear extremely sharp.

Premium Membership

The site would be dead without great content, so how is it? The amount of mature pornstars is on impressive side with around 150 of them as of 2019. That might not look like much considering there are tens of thousands of professional pornstars, but most of them are in their teen years anyway. The number of videos is sitting at over 305, so that’s about two videos per pornstar.

Some of the well-known MILF girls are sitting there too, like Jewels Jade, Anan Bell Peaks and Destiny Dixon. I did go to the very beginning of Pure Mature and have found that owners have been constantly updated their site since 2012, without any breaks. The oldest of videos do come on 720p format or lower, so if your preference is 1080p, you will need to jump one year forward.

There is at least 1 update per week, which means 4 videos or more every month. Having tested downloading speeds, there were no speed issues or pop-ups warning about downloading restrictions. In this area, Pure Mature is doing a spectacular job.

Site Features & User Interface

After you enter the porn site, it’s navigation and user interface as usual. You can sort by different options, including date, pornstars and by niche. I like dark porn sites as most of us masturbate in the late hours, just easier for eyes and there is nothing like going to sleep right after a good fap. I would not say that it is a perfect site without any faults because you can always improve. For example, I wish there was a way to filter girls by age, so I could watch pornstars only in their 40s or early 50s. Maybe a slider where you set your preferences.

I think that would also be helpful if site admins knew what age group their demographics prefer to watch. I also always appreciate sites, be it mature porn related or not, that go the extra mile and implement comments section. It’s so much better than reading neckbeard thoughts on RedTube or any of the ad filled trash sites.


I somehow expected much more from PureMature, mostly because of its name. It does not exactly feature a pure mature porn, and some of the pornstars are in their 30s. When I think MILF porn sites, that works, but when I see something more mature in the title, I think mature women.

Maybe that’s just the downside of selecting only the most beautiful older women that still look young. It is one of the better sites to be fair, and for MILF exclusive content I would say go for it, or at least a trial.

Pure Mature Summary


We Like
  • A very large collection of mature porn
  • Videos are always sharp and clean
  • Pornstars are 8.5/10 or higher
  • Known and unknown models
  • Now in glorious 4K


  • Some girls are in their 30s
  • Bonus sites are not free

MYLF Review

Okay, I do not enjoy these world plays, on any sites or ad campaigns. However, once you shut down your brain part of common sense and get used to the name, it’s easy to remember. Let me just quickly address their site design before we move forward. It’s light, fast and won’t melt your laptop.

There are many GIFs on their home page, short cuts, and ideal thumbnails. You can mouse over on any of the pics and the video will start playing immediately. No buffering issues, no awful pop-ups. Has more than a hundred models that you can view for free, although second page will ask you to join. Okay, now let’s talk about the most important thing, and that is porn!

Premium Membership

Despite being a small network, MYLF does feature all the top pornstars in mature women category. Diamond Kittys, Danica Dillon, Kagney Linn Karter, Anna Bell Peaks and Cherie Deville. Basically, these performers are banging hot and truly stand behind the definition of “milf”.

Compared to other sites, this one is like a newborn. They technically started filming in mid-2018, so that’s understandable. However, in total there are only 172 scenes. Is this impressive? Yes, given the timeframe. Is this enough? Maybe for a month or two. So, with MYLF you get to enjoy close to 200 videos. However, there is another catch. Unlike some sites that offer all bonus content for free, this one will ask for another payment. Is it worth the extra cost? Well, it’s all about your kinks.

What are their bonus sites? Just to make things clear, I will use MILF instead of their preferred way to call these sites with “MYLF” in front.

  • MILF Boss: All about bossy women here. These performers will do whatever it takes to get a job.
  • MILF Blows: Sloppy cumshots, messy blowjobs and mature women sucking dick in POV.
  • MILF TY: From couples caught cheating to sexy housewifes & stepmoms with nice poon.
  • Got MILF: Mostly outdoors sex videos. Beaches, parks and hotels.
  • Mom Drips: That’s exactly what you see. Older women and their pussies filled with cum.
  • MILF Body: Stretching excesses, yoga pants and gym shorts.
  • Lone MILF: Solo plays, anal plugs and bored cougars.
  • Full of Joy: Similar to the one above, just more relaxed.
  • MILFed: Basically, all about that lesbian porn.


This is the newest site. They have started production in the summer of 2018, so content is scarce! However, thanks to frequent updates that haven’t stopped yet, one will find a lot of joy with MYLF membership.

MYLF Summary


We Like
  • If they keep this tempo, will become a #1 site in 2020
  • Produced close to 200 videos in 10 months
  • The broadest selection of scenarios
  • Everything is in Full HD res
  • Updates 3 to 4 times a week


  • Not a fan of their lighting setup
  • Extra fees for bonus content
  • Less than 200 videos

PornHub Premium

What does PornHub have to do with best mature MILFS? Allow me to explain. The premium version (which we are giving away for free) comes with multiple DVDs and studio exclusive videos from leading porn sites. It’s a versatile tube site, which also includes some exclusive content. You have amateur MILFS, GILFS and women in their 40s or 50s. It’s weird to call such old ladies “amateur”. But some of them never did porn, maybe on adult cam sites.

Please do note, the content is exclusive compared to free PornHub version and not otherwise. I think it’s one of the better options if you can afford few bucks per month. Otherwise, see other MILF porn sites.

The pros and cons have been already described multiple times and I am sure you do know them all, it’s always the ads and variety of content as two main forces between good and evil. Any other suggestions?


The site is as old as the Internet itself. The most affordable option also, especially with free trial. Content is plenty, but not MILF or GILF exclusive. Test the waters and if you are not a fan, see our other picks.

PornHub Mature Summary


We Like
  • Likely the cheapest of all porn sites
  • Enough videos to last you a century
  • It’s PornHub, bro


  • Not exclusive to mature women
  • Too much of a good thing?

60 Plus Milfs Review

The latest premium granny porn site to join or library of old skanks is 60PlusMilfs, which will also give you access to 50PlusMilfs. These bags are seriously old enough to remember both world wars. Honestly, I think some of them banged soldiers there.

Okay, before we get too far into these GILFS, let’s change the gears and talk about the most important thing. What was that? Content?

Premium Membership

If you fantasize about women that are days from dying, then grab your cock and go to town. 60 Plus MILFS features some of the oldest, dirtiest bags. Some of these pornstars will soon be 80-years old. That’s basically older than the age of some dinosaurs.

Now, to tell you the truth, when we did our top 20 pornstars post covering nothing but grannies, this is the site that dominated the list! They have all the famous names in the age group, as well as some of the hottest scenes out there. You have Keli Richards, Auntie Lexy, Deauxma and more.

In total, there are over 255 videos on the 60PlusMILFS site and close to 410 videos on 50PlusMILFS! Both of which you can access. Sadly, they are in 1280×720 resolution. The women are mature, old and sexy. Some do have granny like pussies while others are as tight as today’s teens. Although that’s not a strict standard these days.

Site Features & User Interface

The site itself sucks, at least the design. Speeds and features are great, but the color scheme is puke purple. That’s the only negative that some will always hate, while others tend to get used to.

Their video descriptions are some of the longest I have ever seen. It’s like a full A4 sheet of text. You can leave comments, rate videos and such. Downloads are split into HD and lower resolution clips. There is also a 5-minute cut, but I don’t see a point of that.

Now, some users do complain that you need to pay to download videos, but I was not able to reproduce the issue. Maybe they have updated the site?


If you don’t care about HD and not Full HD porn, then I guess this is one of your options. The content is nice, wish it offered quality that is comparable to 2019 standards.

60 Plus Milfs Summary


We Like
  • Can access 50PlusMilfs and 60PlusMilfs
  • Has contracts with most AAA pornstars
  • Genuine, old and beautiful women


  • 1080p videos do not exist
  • Possible download limits
  • No solo photo galleries
  • Can’t find $9.99 plans


What things do turn on me right now? In my late 20s I have switched exclusively to teen porn sites, just one of the phases that lasted around 10 years. I guess the mature women that I have had crush on were getting older and just did not interest me as much, the pussy smell could have been a factor too.

Then things changed and as I approach 40s, MILF porn is back as my number one choice. No, I did not get to fuck my friend’s aunt or any of the MILFS that introduced me to mature women porn. Although having spent a fair share of my time in clubs, these things did happen. Not how I imagined though.

My First Time with a Mature Woman

My first MILF experience is like yours. I was a horny teenager and had crush for all the mature women. I don’t know why but teen girls weren’t as attractive. Maybe because MILFs are so warm, pleasant and never had a bad temper. Also, at that time my age girls were hanging out with older men and pretty much ignored us. Someone had a hot aunt, other people had a friend with big tit mom, whatever your story is, we all were deeply affected by beautiful women and now crave for MILF porn sites with content worth paying for.

My fantasy involved me visiting some friend’s moms house and accidentally seeing her naked. Then things would lead to kissing, me fucking and cumming in her mouth. I just went to clubs and came back home with drunk old sluts that still fucked better than most of the teen girls.

Mature women do have a lot of experience, but it’s not always bright on the other side. Banging old does not guarantee best sex unless they have good stamina. Truth to be told, only a small share of girls I banged had great rhythm skills and satisfied me in the ways I desired.

Now, this is how these top-rated MILF porn sites will satisfy you! Honestly, I prefer watching porn these days over having sex. It’s just much more convenient! The greatest thing about any of these paid porn sites? they are professionals (studios and actresses). So, good sex scenes are almost guaranteed. I might be just getting old, but at least you do know that the sites that I share with you stand for quality.


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