Top 20: Jaw-Dropping 90s Pornstars & 90s Porn GIFs (2019)

Pull out your hairy cocks and vaginas, these are 90s pornstars.

Top 20: Jaw-Dropping 90s Pornstars (2019)

#1. Brazzers
#2. RealityKings
#3. True Amateurs

In my late early 20s I would get annoyed by my grandparents who talked “good old times”. Now, I am the one who longs late 90s and early 00s. Nostalgia is such an interesting feeling. Never did I thought to say this, but old-school porn was so good. I’ve seen more passion, sweat and tears in the last 24-hours than in 24 months of today’s porn.

To give you an idea, I’ve collected 20 amazing pornstars that were performing in the 90s. Before you close the browser and jerk off to the 4K porn at 60 fps, just peek around. I dare you to say that all of these pornstars suck. Because that’s not true.


Slow down, cowboy and hide that dick just for few more moments. I got a complain that we mostly write to guys, so here’s one for the ladies too: don’t remove your panties just yet. We have nineteen more 90s GIF porn scenes and actresses to show you. Instead of diving straight into the hottest sex acts you have ever seen, warm your unit up!

Celeste is greeting you with a pair of luscious and biggest oily tits on the list. This is where you girlfriend gets jealous. The moment you stare at Celeste on the beach, it’s game over.

19Juli Ashton

We have no fucking clue what is happening with in this porn scene. Does shoe licking excite you? Then stare at this hooker-like performer and jerk off. Despite fucking in the late 90s, Juli Ashton looks like a pornstar from vintage porn. Should anyone be turned on by this? No idea, but whatever floats your boat.

A decent looking woman, but we can do so much better. Probably the trashiest scene you will ever see here. I sure hope those shoes were clean.

18Jill Kelly

Jill Kelly might look like an old cougar, but she was only in her 30s here. It must be short hair or make-up, because I don’t remember her being so ugly. I can assure that she is as hot as any blonde pornstar from the 1990s era. Does not have as much energy or charisma as some key female performers of that time, but her cum swallowing makes up for that.

Her pristine quality boobs and legs on the other hand have never looked so good. I bet she smells of grapefruits, lavenders and Channel perfume.

17Chasey Lain

Which one is Chasey Lain? On the left, at around the 14s GIF mark. A very well produced porn scene with all the classical 1990s porn vibes. Neon lights, lots of hot models, POV camera and genuine smiles. Nowadays these girls would be replaced with slutty pornstars.

Anyway, this was the highlights of this dude’s life, I can guarantee you that. Imagine yourself, surrounded by beautiful women from the 90s, all offering you their juicy pussies. Count me in.


You know that the video is of quality when there is EvilAngel logo at the bottom. Good luck finding her anywhere else though, as all you get is a fake first name and that sucks.

Raylene is your average looking cougar pornstar. Gigantic boobs that can rip her bra off and cause some serious damage to your dick. Thought I’ll do some mixing and add a 90s pornstar GIF but with a scene from 2010s. No matter how old or saggy these tits get, I’ll motorboat them anytime.

Source: Free

15Julia Ann

Julia Ann is among many pornstar names that your parents are familiar with. In the territory of her 50s right now, she keeps pulling multiple AVN and XRCO awards. From hottest milf pornstar to cougar of the year and mainstream porn favorite.

She is a collector’s item. Not many pornstars that have started working in the 90s continue to this day. Even if some do, it’s the low-quality, awful porn sites. Not Julia though. This cougar is as hot, even hotter than 20 years ago. At least we get to enjoy her in 1080p resolution. As for the GIF source, it’s from a well-known interracial porn site called DogFartNetwork.


14Nikki Dial

When public sex was more of a taboo than it is now. Nikki Dial is dialing that cock engine all the way to 99, stroking as if she wanted to start a lawn mower. Anyone else excited about the future or porn? In the 90s it was all about having fun while fucking. Now, the bizarre pornstars are taking over, trying to shock the viewers.

What’s next though? Are we going back to the classical porn where couples enjoying themselves? One thing I don’t miss from any of the 90s porn scenes are the dude’s asshole shots.


One of hundreds 1990s pornstars that is having a lot of fun. There were condoms that bother me as much as the next guy, but I’ll take that over fake moans and screams. Seriously, the more 90s GIFs I watch, the more missed I appear.

Why can’t we just have energetic sex scenes anymore that are closer to real life? Maybe I’m just an old fart… However, before compiling the top 10 (which then turned to top 20), I laughed at people who praised older porn videos. There is something going on there.

Source: Free PornHub Premium.

12Racquel Darrian

Racquel Darrian has started her entrance with some lesbian-themed modeling shots. Even her first porn scenes were strictly girl-only. However, you know that when you throw money at any pornstar, she will do as you say.

Transitioning to regular sex scenes in the early 90s, Racquel met Derrick Lane who quickly became her husband. That sounds like a healthy marriage, but this girl demanded to fuck dudes other than her partner! No idea what kind of shit she or he did, but this is trashy.

11Anna Malle

When beauty was more it meets the eye, Anna Malle had it all. Black curly hair that were trendy in the 90s, naturally tanned bodies with white lines and big tits. Extremely well built pornstar that even in her 60s could knock your socks off.

Even the tattoos were far less trashy, despite appearing on her breasts. Looks like a pornstar that you’d watch at night with lights and sound off, so your parents don’t come in. Despite 90s quality, I’ll go ahead and say it, she is hotter than most of today’s hottest pornstars.

Source: Free PornHub Premium.

10Tori Welles

Hey, this GIF even has a sound! Scissoring with Tori Welles is a sweat dude with curly hair. That’s 90s for you. Her first porn appearance was in 1988 and last back in 1999. An epitome of 90s pornstar that fucked for a whole decade.

Many women dream of becoming mainstream actresses and Tori Welles was one of them. You can even find her in TV-series like Scrubs (My Urologist episode) or an old horror movie titled Ice Cream Man. Clearly, that did not work her as she got nothing but minor roles.

9Stacy Valentine

A well-known 90s pornstar that could pull many roles. You’ve had Stacy as sexy nurse, horny housewife, slutty French maid, and a lifeguard. One of those big tit pornstars that even now looks stunning. I’d like to imagine that in the 90s technology was not as advanced as it is now. In other words, getting a breast enlargement surgery of that size was far more challenging.

Here we are though, with Stacy Valentine pushing the boundaries of her body in a GIF porn scene compilation, straight from the 1990s era.

Source: Free PornHub Premium.

8Briana Banks

Briana Banks debuted in the 90s but continued working well over into 2000s and 2010s. I guess video quality speaks for itself. She has made a name for herself, with tough childhood and extreme dedication. Sure, if you were to check her 90s porn GIFs, she looks hotter and livelier. She is one of the richest retired pornstars, has nothing to prove to you or me.

Porn industry took a toll on Briana, that’s given. This particular GIF shows her in a “routine like” performance, full of mechanical actions and nothing else.

Source: Free PornHub Premium.

7Jenna Jameson

Now that’s how animalistic and full of passion sex looks like. Watch and learn, folks. I have no idea why, but 1990s porn looks so much more real? Not saying genuine, but fucking, pornstars expressions and scenery is much more pleasing.

I wish there was a porn site that focused on 90s porn, but in 4K or Full HD. All I’ve seen are fake, bullshit sites that might mimic makeup, clothing and hairy pussy, but nothing else. As you will see with many more scenes, it’s way deeper than that.

6Silvia Saint

Silvia’s every hole is an example of perfection. Tiny lips to grip your dick tight and efficient, gorgeous moist pussy with gallons of natural lube inside and who can forget… The glorious asshole, which can satisfy even the Gordon Ramsay himself. And we know how picky he is with freshness and good quality products.

Her trademark has always been the constant contact with audience. She looks as sexy in 2019 as she did in the 90s, despite different beauty trends. Now everything is enlarged, inflated and exposed.

Source: Free PornHub Premium.

5Asia Carrera

When fucking Asian pornstar was a novelty in the 90s, Asia Carrera pulled massive sales with her VHS tapes. Thankfully, it was not the looks that hooked us up for a longer period. Her tight as black hole pussy and butthole intrigued us. The way Asia sucked dick and moaned won us over, and her petite body kept us waiting for more.

Asia Carrera is an incredible pornstar, worthy of every cum drop flushed down the toilet. This is the Asa Akira from the 90s, just hotter and without freaky stuff.

Source: Free PornHub Premium.

4Janine Lindemulder

These 90s porn GIFs are going to be a lot better. In case you are already on the edge of cumming, take a deep breath or stay with me for few more actresses. Jannine Lindemulder is another classic pornstar from the 1990s that is truly enjoying male orgasms.

The blur and slow-motion effect that you see in the scene above makes cum look like a delicious cotton candy. It’s hard to find a happier pornstar that is receiving a facial. She truly loves the dripping semen bits, without showing any discomfort as it slides down her eyelid.

3Dyanna Lauren

To tell you the truth, none of the girls I’ve fucked behaved like Dyanna did in her best years. I now feel cheated. For reasons beyond our comprehension, she is known for erotic dance performance more than for porn, which is insane. How good do you have to be at dancing to leave such acts in the shadow?

Seriously, look at this GIF! This is not porn, this is true love making. One of the greatest, sexiest and hottest porn scenes I have seen. Guy on the right reminds me of Murdock from the A-Team, another cult classic of the 90s.

Source: Free PornHub Premium.

2Ashlyn Gere

In the introduction we spoke about the sweaty porn scenes and this GIF is a living proof of all things good. One of the hottest 90s porn videos with the sexy pornstar, Ashely Gere. Her make-up is slowly dripping away, her eyes are tearing up from the sweat and look at her neck. It must smell like heaven, full of female hormones and dick exploding pheromones.

You know they were fucking really good when there is more glister from the sweat than sparkling from oil that you see in today’s porn GIFs.

Source: Free PornHub Premium.

1Tera Patrick

I almost forgot how incredibly talented and magnificent Tera Patrick was. If there is one porn GIF of the 90s that sums golden-times, that would be this one. This scene is so hot that it made my display melt. She has nowhere to run or hide. That cock is punishing and touching her in all the right places.

I can’t imagine porn getting better than this. Everything else post Tera Patrick is not even worth mentioning. She is the living legend, one of the pornstars that many of us fantasized about. I could not even afford joining any of the pay porn sites back then. Had to start my journey with picture galleries.

Source: Free PornHub Premium.


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